Full Participation in the Mass

Unsuspected richness. Multiple encounters with Christ.

The Full Participation in the Mass formation series provides profound guidance for obtaining fully conscious and active participation in the Mass. This resource may bring spiritual renewal for you and liturgical renovation for your parish.

Designed and hosted by Rev. James Burkart, former president of the Southwest Liturgical Conference, the video series offers detailed answers to topics, such as: 

  • The Order of the Mass: foundation, practice, and meaning of each component 
  • The real presence of Christ in the Eucharist 
  • Sunday as the first day of the week 
  • The purpose of different liturgical postures. When and why do we stand, sit, genuflect, and kneel. 
  • Family preparations for the Mass and remote participation. 
  • The Mass as a journey and mission. 

Full Participation in the Mass combines pastoral love and clear teaching of the Church, fostering the sense of community and kindling the appreciation for our celebration. It works perfectly for individual study, small community review, and parish-based settings. 

  • Details about access to Full Participation in the Mass:
    • The complete formation program is available in Capernaum, the online learning platform of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
    • Contains a four-hour video-based formation program with four lessons: Initial Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and Dismissal Rites
    • Each lesson is divided into micro-learning units of five to eight minutes in length  
    • Liturgically revised guidelines for remote participation are provided for those who cannot attend in person
    • Downloadable handouts with valuable exercises, scripture references, course prayers, and other useful resources for individual or group study 
    • Assessments reviews that reaffirm the central elements of the celebration 
    • Archdiocesan certificate of completion and administrator reporting 
  • Cost:
    • Fee for complete formation program: $25.

Visit Capernaum.csod.com to log in to or create an account to register for the class.

Additional information:

  • Those interested in integrating this course as part of the parish’s curriculum should contact Hector Perez, hperez@archgh.org, or (713) 741-8708. Zero-cost evaluation access and special discounts may be available for parishes. Supporting material is available:
  • https://archgh.org/fullparticipation (current website)
  • FPM Flyer(downloadable pdf)
  • Daniel Cardinal DiNardo's Letter of Recommendation(downloadable pdf)
  • Those that have previously taken a class with the Archdiocese might already have a Capernaum account. A video explains how to sign in to an existing account.
  • This video also provides instructions on how to set up a new account.


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