Office of Child and Youth Protection


Programs for Adults: Awareness Training

VIRTUS Protecting God's Children® Program

VIRTUS Protecting God's Children® Adult Awareness Session is a three-hour training that helps clergy, staff, volunteers and parents understand the facts and myths about child sexual abuse; how perpetrators operate; and how caring adults can take five important steps to keep children safe. 

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston mandates all employees over the age of 18, including parishes and schools, regardless of position, ministry, part-time or full-time status and all volunteers who work in any capacity with or around children, the elderly, and adults with special needs are required to complete the initial three-hour VIRTUS Protecting God's Children® for Adults program. This education component helps prevent child sexual abuse by first making every adult employee and volunteer aware of the issues surrounding child sexual abuse. This includes awareness of the many ways sexual abuse harms it victims, their families, the parish, and the community. The awareness session also helps adults learn to recognize the warning signs of abuse and shows them the appropriate way to respond to suspicious behavior. Finally, the awareness session empowers each person with five steps to help prevent child sexual abuse.

Sessions are held throughout the year at various parishes and schools throughout the Archdiocese and are free of charge to all participants. 

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