Carla Martin, Administrative Assistant

Carla Martin’s prior experience is in parish administration.  She hopes to bring insight and value to Family Life Ministry in working collaboratively with the parishes and parishioners of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

Direct Phone/Teléfono Directo: (713)741-8710 

E-mail/Dirección Electrónica:


Lupita Ponce, Hospitality Manager

(281)356-6764 |

Ricardo Medina, Director

As director, Ricardo oversees the Office of Family Life Ministry and ensures all programs, processes, and events follow official Catholic Church teachings and convey the Archdiocesan mission of the ministry.

Direct Phone/Teléfono Directo: (713) 741-8709
E-mail/Dirección Electrónica:


Sr. Maricruz Ortiz, Associate Director of Innovation

As a Missionary of the Sacred Sacrament and Immaculate Mary, Sr. María Cruz applies the charism and style of her Congregation by creating innovative programs that enrich the lives of those served by the Family Life Ministry and prepares them for daily life challenges.

Direct Phone/Teléfono Directo: (713) 741-8711
E-mail/Dirección Electrónica:


Citlalli Utrera, Associate Director of Continued Ministry

Maximizing her experience within the Catholic marriage movement and diverse background in the field of marketing, Citlalli strategizes how to ensure that the Family Life Ministry programs and services meet the needs of those served in the Archdiocese.

Direct Phone/Teléfono Directo:   (713) 741-8776
E-mail/Dirección Electrónica:


Kirk Herbeck, Circle Lake Retreat Center Property Manager

Utilizing nearly 40 years' experience in the maintenance of residential and industrial facilities, he ensures that the center will remain a source of relaxation and connection to God to each guest for many years to come.

Direct Phone/Teléfono Directo:   (281)356-6764

E-mail/Dirección Electrónica:




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