Family Life Ministry

Wedding Anniversary Jubilee

Beloved couples, 

Your love has been a testament of God's love, the living sign of the Sacrament of Marriage. To honor this achievement, His Eminence Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, invites you to join him in this Eucharistic Celebration reminiscent of that time when you said "I do" before Him. 

The Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart will be hosting these celebrations on: 

  • September 26 at 3:00 p.m. for the 50th Anniversary celebration. CLOSED*
  • October 24 at 3:00 p.m. for the 25th Anniversary celebration. OPEN. If you celebrated your anniversary last year, but did not attend per health concerns, you are welcome to participate in this celebration. 

Virtual participation is also available for those who are unable to participate in person per health concerns. 

The cost is $40 per couple. Which provides you with an archdiocesan certificate of your anniversary, a special issue Worship Aid, and a commemorative pin. 

Once registered, please provide us with a copy of your Sacramental Wedding Certificate.  

We look forward to celebrating this wonderful occasion with you.  

May the Lord continue to hold your hands together as He has throughout all of these years.  


New video series. Enjoy!

We keep releasing Joe's Masterclass episodes on a weekly basis. This a video series about the spirituality of St. Joseph, as we begin the Year of the Family.

View all of the videos on our YouTube channel!

In this series of short videos designed for social media sharing, our beloved deacon Ly Nguyen from Our Lady of Lourdes parish covers different aspects of Manhood in a relaxed and profound way. The topics include righteousness, active prayer, hardworking, protection, and many others. You will be amazed at the many things we can learn from St. Joe! We hope you find useful insights and inspiration for your journey. Take a few minutes now and enjoy!


Is your marriage stressed? 

Has communication broken down in your Marriage? Is it putting a strain on your relationship? We have a great resource for you. Breakthrough is an online course for married couples under stress and looking to understand their conflict triggers.

This course will show you how to process resentment and tap into your natural capabilities for forgiveness and joy. The course has been created by Dr Byron and Francine Pirola | Directors of SmartLoving - a ministry based in Sydney Australia dedicated to supporting couples through relationship education. The Breakthrough course presents a series of valuable videos and reflections for a private, self-paced study. It is designed to promote clarity, communication, and healing.

The SmartLoving Breakthrough Course provides:

  1. Resources to address the issues at play in your marriage - highlighting some myths about relationships, argument styles, and how to avoid or be aware of conflict triggers.
  2. Discussion of emotional needs and wounds with tools for healing and forgiveness.
  3. Techniques to re-establish connection with your spouse and restore hope for your relationship’s future by understanding how to love your spouse in a way that they want and need to be loved (SmartLoving).

Participants can do the course together (as a couple) or as an individual using the same registration. Depending on your situation, you may require additional accompaniment from someone else in the community. If you need additional support, contact Sr. Maricruz Ortiz at 713-741-8711 or email her at

The couple's fee is 65 USD and provides access to all videos and exercises.  Give it a try, your marriage is worth the time and effort! To register, click here.


Vocation for Family Life ministry?

Are you passionate about accompanying parents to form, reveal, enjoy or protect our families? Please check some of the super cool opportunities we have at the Ministry Leader Corner.

Among them:

  • Prepare/Enrich training in September.
  • Certificate in Family Life, at a Master's Degree Level.
  • NFP teaching and networking opportunities.
  • Marriage Preparation sponsor and leading couples.

Select The Ministry Leading Corner option on the menu at the left, and check them out!