Archives & Records

The Archives Department is the central location for historical records relating to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, the oldest diocese in Texas. These records, which date from the 1840s, include letters, maps, financial materials, photographs, scrapbooks and albums, sacramental records, and artifacts. We are responsible for collecting and preserving the materials, as well as making them available to researchers. The Archives is also in charge of microfilming for the Archdiocese, and we are the custodian of microfilmed sacramental records. In addition, the Archives is available to consult with parishes or organizations regarding their records. 

The Archives encourages donations of materials, especially personal papers, scrapbooks, or photos, which document the history of the Catholic Church in east Texas. The materials will be preserved and made available to scholars and other interested researchers.

The Archives is open to researchers by appointment only, and the use of some collections requires the prior approval of the Chancellor. Please call or email the Archives to discuss your research with the archivist. 

Lisa May, Director 
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Socorro Olivares, Manager - Sacramental Records 
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Regina Myers, Current Records
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Rose Cuello-Peñaloza, Records ClerkEmail Rose Cuello-Peñaloza

The Archives maintains the records of the following closed or consolidated schools:

Elementary Schools
All Saints, Houston (closed 1986)
Annunciation, Houston (closed 1983)
Blessed Sacrament, Houston (closed 1991)
Holy Name, Houston (closed 2009)
Holy Rosary, Galveston (closed 1979)
Immaculate Conception, Houston (closed 1969)
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Houston (closed 1998)
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Rosenberg (closed 1963)
Our Mother of Mercy, Houston (closed 2009)
St. Nicholas, Houston (closed 1971)
St. Joseph, Houston (closed 1967)
St. Philip Neri, Houston (closed 2009)
Northwoods Catholic School, Spring (closed 2016)
St. Peter the Apostle, Houston (closed 2019)
Queen of Peace, La Marque (closed 2019)
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Houston (closed 2020)
St. Pius V, Pasadena (closed 2020)

Middle Schools
O'Connell Junior Campus, Galveston (closed 1986) 
Seton Junior High, Houston (closed 2009) 

High Schools
Dominican High School, Galveston (closed 1968)
Kirwin High School, Galveston (closed 1968)
Marian Christian High School, Houston (closed 1989)
Marian High School, Houston (closed 1978)
Mt. Carmel High School, Houston (closed 2008)
O'Connell High School, Galveston (closed 2004)
St. Euphrasia High School, Houston (closed 1967)
St. Nicholas High School, Houston (closed 1967)
Ursuline Academy, Galveston (closed 1968)

School records are closed except to the individual named in the record or his/her parents (for minors). Individuals must provide proof of identity when requesting a transcript, and there is a limit of two copies per request. Transcripts will be sent directly to educational facilities upon request, if the necessary contact information is provided. We cannot provide copies of diplomas, since the schools did not retains copies of the diplomas of graduates. However, the transcript, which lists the date of graduation, should provide sufficient proof of graduation. 

Teachers needing service records should contact the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Office. The Archives cannot issue teacher service records, even from closed schools.

Current sacramental records are maintained in the parishes. An individual who needs his/her own sacramental records should first contact the parish for the necessary certificates. Please see the Parish Locator for contact information on the parishes.

The Archives holds the records of the following closed parishes and missions:

Catholic Chaplains Corps
Holy Rosary Church
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Queen of Peace/Reina de la Paz Mission
Sacred Heart Church
St. Mary Cathedral Basilica
St. Joseph Church
St. Patrick Church
St. Peter the Apostle Church
Freeport, St. Henry Church
Port Bolivar, Our Mother of Mercy Church
Fayetteville, Espiritu Santo Mission
Please contact the Archives to request records from these churches. After 1920, the records are closed except to the individual(s) named in the record, and the parents of minor children. Individuals must provide proof of identity when requesting a sacramental record. 

Though the Catholic Church has been active in Texas since the 1500s, we have no sacramental records before 1840. While the Archdiocese of Galveston originally included all of Texas, our records cover only the present Archdiocese, as well as some parishes now in the Dioceses of Beaumont, Tyler, and Victoria. These records are open to researchers up to 1920. After 1920, the records are closed except to the person(s) named in the record, and proof of identity must be provided before we will issue a certificate. We do not provide sacramental certificates to genealogists, but we will provide copies of the records (if possible) or transcripts. There is no charge for the research. Requests for records may be submitted by phone, letter, email, or fax. We do not currently have facilities for researchers on site.