Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan

Spirit-filled faith. Credible witnesses. Open hearts.

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Are spirit-filled faith, credible witnesses, and openness of heart challenging areas in your parish or a source of a great opportunity? The answer is YES!

Do you know which practices and ministries at your parish contribute to feelings of belonging and belief? As a Parish Pastoral Council, are you contemplating these questions and struggling to develop a pastoral plan that guides your parish in living lives of discipleship and stewardship? The answers and support are here.

Get excited to create a vision for your parish where people have fallen in love with Christ and from whom love flows out into the community. Imagine the transformation and vibrancy in your community if parishioners were truly friends, living a spirituality of communion, with one another.

The archdiocese has an intentional way of planning, beginning with crafting Pastoral Plans, summary documents indicating the key pastoral priorities for our communities.



Now, let’s get started forming the vision for your parish!

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