End-of-Life Care Planning Video Mini-Series

End-of-Life Care Planning Resources

End-of-Life Planning Checklist
End-of-Life Care Planning Guide: A Comprehensive Resource  


End-of-Life Care Video 1: Creating an EOL Care Plan: Tools for Success

Learn the key elements for creating a comprehensive EOL care plan

End-of-Life Care Video 2: EOL Planning: More Than a Checklist

Learn how to select personal and professional support for your EOL plan

End-of-Life Care Video 3: How to Start Effective EOL Care Conversations

Acquire practical tips and approaches for developing effective EOL conversations

End-of-Life Care Video 4: Essential Legal Documents: Identifying Your Wishes

Understand the value of an EOL care plan and how to start identifying your EOL wishes

End-of-Life Care Video 5: Essential Legal Documents: Your Will

Learn the importance of having a will and how to create one

End-of-Life Care Video 6: Essential Legal Documents: Advance Directives

Understand the value of and how to’s for creating advance directives/powers of attorney

End-of-Life Care Video 7: Leaving Your Legacy

Understand what it means to “leave your legacy” and its relationship to Christian mission


End-of-Life Care Video 8: The Art of Dying Well: Palliative & Hospice Care

Understand how palliative and hospice care can provide support for the dying

End-of-Life Care Video 9: Pastoral Care for the Sick and Dying

Review pastoral care to comfort persons at the end of life

End-of-Life Care Video 10: Funeral Preparation: Practical Planning

Examine options for making funeral arrangements and final interment

End-of-Life Care Video 11: Pastoral Care Planning for Funerals and Burials

Understand Catholic funeral rites and how to plan a Christian funeral service

End-of-Life Care Video 12: Bereavement

Understand how to manage grief and the process of healing from loss