Charis Ignatian Spirituality Retreat

The Seekers' Retreat

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All young adults (ages 18-39) are invited to join us for the upcoming Charis Retreat: Seekers' Retreat. This retreat is designed for young adults who are seeking a deeper integration of spirituality in their lives.  This retreat presents an intentional time of sharing and reflection for young adults seeking insight and understanding about some of their deepest, innermost longings. As the title suggests, this time away is designed for individuals who are on a quest to fill some of the holes they are experiencing in life, relationships, and faith. 

This is a 3-day, 2-night retreat based on Ignatian Spirituality and will be held at Circle Lake Retreat Center (19000 Circle Lake Dr., Pinehurst, TX) on April 28-30, 2023. The cost is $180 per person (includes food and lodging). Register online by Sunday, April 16 at 11:59 pm. No refunds will be given for cancelations after the April 16th deadline. We have housing available for married couples, please select the option at registration.

Register for the retreat here


Join us for the Seekers' Retreat to:

Connect with other young adults exploring Christ in their lives and in their world.
Encounter Christ's humanity through readings and peer talks highlighting aspects of his ministry.
Grow in your faith in Christ and your ability to respond to his invitation in your life. 

What is Charis?

Charis is an Ignatian Spirituality Retreat for Young Adults in their 20s and 30s. 

Faced with substantial numbers of young adults leaving the Catholic Church, Charis was founded by the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus in 2000 to reach out to these young men and women with the unique gift of Ignatian Spirituality.  St. Ignatius of Loyola challenges us to find God in all things.  Charis helps young adults see this grace or “charis” in the midst of transitions in careers and relationships, in their struggles and joys.

Charis offers retreat experiences in the Jesuit tradition for men and women in their 20s and 30s, helping them to develop deeper spiritual lives and stronger connections to faith communities.

Charis retreat provides an opportunity to connect with others experiencing similar joys and challenges, encounter the teachings and prayer techniques of St. Ignatius of Loyola, and grow in your ability to experience God in all aspects of your life. 

What is Ignatian Spirituality?

Ignatian Spirituality invites us to encounter God in the practical, real experiences of our daily lives.  Based on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the 15th-century patron saint of retreats, it promotes an understanding of God as an active, loving, and constant presence in our lives. In community with others, we respond to God’s love and come to know him through the world around us.

Seeing “God in all things,” the Ignatian contemplative strives to become a “man or woman for others,” demonstrating faith through everyday acts of love.  More than just a way of thinking or belief, Ignatian Spirituality is a concrete way of life that fosters deeper prayer, offers a medium for discernment, and nurtures a commitment to social justice. It is a spirituality of the heart that recognizes the sacredness of lived experience.

Why Retreats?

Life is busy and stressful.  It is hard to find the time and discipline to pause and reflect.  If you are in your 20s and 30s, you are also in a nearly constant state of transition and facing a multitude of unanswered questions.

Our peer-led retreat experiences give the gift of the “forced pause” to young men and women: time off to think, reflect, pray and see where God is working in their lives at that very moment.   They are rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola and invite participants to share their own lived experiences and their histories with each other through talks and small group discussions.