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Café Catholica Lite Recordings 2022-23

September 22: Sr. Mary Claire Strasser, SOLT: Facing Doubt: The Message of Eucharistic Miracles
November 3: Julie Fritsch-Dumalet, Director of the Office of Pro-Life Activities: After Roe: Autonomy, Equality, & Health Care
January 19: Sr. Bernadette Mota, FMA, Director of Mission Advancement and Development for the Salesian Sisters of San Antonio: New Year Resolutions: Be who you are and be that Well
March 16: P.J. Lozano, Ablaze Ministries: Finding your own Calcutta
May 11: Fr. Robert Murphy, SJ, Vocations Promoter for the Society of Jesus: How to Make a Decision: Discerning the Ignatian Way

Café Catholica Recordings 2022

July 11: "God's Presence Through Life's Absences" with Fr. Dat Hoang
July 11: Mass celebrated by Fr. Richard McNeillie

July 18: "Companions on the Journey: The Presence of Christ in the Lives of the Saints" with Meg Hunter-Kilmer
July 18: Mass celebrated by Fr. Ray Cook, OMI

July 25: “Q&A with Daniel Cardinal DiNardo”
July 25: Mass celebrated by Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

August 1: “Holy Desire: Theology of the Body and the Eucharist” with Edward Herrera
August 1: Mass celebrated by Fr. Chad Henry  ​

Café Catholica Lite: 2021-22

Video Recordings of all talks are available for download here.

May 12, 2022: Mary Caprio: "The Case Against Contraception: A Path for Lifelong Love"
March 10, 2022: Sean O'Driscoll: "Digital Evangelization: Sharing the Faith in New Contexts"
January 20, 2022: Chris Donatto: "Do You Love Your Neighbor: Living Community"
November 4, 2021: Bishop Italo Dell'Oro: “The Diverse Face of the Church in Houston: Heaven is Here!” 
September 23, 2021: Michael Gormley: "Why did Jesus have to die? A Catholic Theology of the Atonement"

Café Catholica 2021: Courageous Love

Café Catholica on July 5:
Mass and Talk on YouTube
Homily: Fr. Charlie Johnson, OP
Talk: "A Love that Transforms" with Mark & Katie Hartfiel

Café Catholica on July 12:
Mass and Talk on YouTube
Homily: Fr. Richard McNeillie
Talk: "Caught in the Waiting: When Our Timing isn't God's Timing" with Chika Anyanwu

Café Catholica on July 19:
Mass and Talk on YouTube
Homily: Fr. Joseph White
Talk: "Anxiety, Fear, Depression? Come to his Divine Mercy"

Café Catholica on July 26:
Mass and Talk on YouTube

Café Catholica Lite Recordings 2020-21

September 24: Dr. Stuart Squires: "How Catholics Should Vote"
November 19: Archduchess Maria-Anna of Austria, Princess Galtizine: "Blessed Karl of Austria, Emperor of Peace."
January 14: Heather Khym: "Christ, Our Firm Foundation"
February 25: Deacon Ajani Gibson: "In The Desert: Overcoming The Wilderness"
March 25: Sr. Celestina Menin: "Healed, Forcagiven, and Restored by the King"
May 27: Fr. Nathan Cromly: "Why a Year of St. Joseph?"

Cafe Catholica 2020

July 6: "Loving Fully: Complicated, Simple, Possible" with Matt & Stephanie Regitz
July 13: "Full Life for All" with Jennifer Carr Allmon
July 20: "Fully Alive in the Eucharist" with Cardinal DiNardo
July 27: "Full of Joy: Missionary Discipleship" with Bob Rice

Cafe Catholica Lite 2019-2020

March 12: "UnFiltered: Removing Our Masks" with Ansel Augustine
November 7: "A Thousand Paths to Holiness" with Meg Hunter-Kilmer
September 12: "Intentional Dating in a Throwaway Culture" with Brian Henritze


Cafe Catholica 2019: Ever Ancient, Ever New

July 8: Homily from Fr. Richard McNellie
July 8: Talk from Patrick Rivera - Unavailable due to technical issues

July 15: Homily from Fr. David Michael Moses
July 15: Talk from Fr. Josh Johnson

July 22: Homily from Fr. Rick Arriola
July 22: Talk from Michelle Benzinger

July 29: Homily from Cardinal DiNardo
July 29: Talk from Cardinal DiNardo


2019 Café Catholica North - 

Be Bold, Be Authentic, Belong

January 7- Be a Missionary in the Modern World - Dr. Alex Gotay
January 21- Be Present to Those in the Shadows- Panel Discussion (Podcast)
February 4 - Be Loved - Michaela Barta
February 21- Beyond My Personal Faith- Dr. Joe Magee (Podcast)


2018 - The Voice of Christ Rooted in Love

July 9- How to Pray, What to Say and When to Shut Up - Mike Gormley (Podcast)
July 16- Embracing Authentic Love- Mary Caprio (Podcast)
July 23- The Good News with Cardinal DiNardo (Podcast)
July 30- Overcoming Obstacles to Love- Fr. Sean Kilcawley (Podcast)


2017 - Be Not Afraid

June 26 - New Frontiers in Defense of Human Dignity - Julie Fritsch (Podcast)
July 10 - A Call To Sainthood: Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati Patron of Young Adults, Pt. 1 - Rev. Luke Millette (Podcast)
               - A Call To Sainthood: Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati Patron of Young Adults, Pt. 2 - Kevin Becker (Podcast)
July 17 - Seeking a Real Connection - Rev. Agustino Torres CFR  (Podcast)
July 24 - The Church’s Response - Daniel Cardinal DiNardo (Podcast)
July 31 - Be Not Afraid of God’s Call - Sr. Bethany Madonna S.V. (Podcast)


2016 - Reawaken Mercy

 July 11 - Compassion, Community, Christ - Fr. Preston Quintella (Podcast)
July 18 - Endless Mercy, Everlasting Joy - Daniel Cardinal DiNardo (Podcast)
July 25 - Walk Humbly, Love Mercy - Msgr. William L. Young


2015 - The Church of Now: Commit for Love

July 6 - True Love: More than a #Snap - Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT (Podcast)
July 13 - Path to #Happiness: Decisions in the Modern World - Sr. Mary Guido (Podcast)
July 20 - Follow Me: #Invite to Service - Cardinal DiNardo (Podcast)
July 27 - Commit to Truth: #Myths of the Church - Christopher Kaczor, Ph.D. (Podcast)


2014 - Catholic Con

July 7th - "Seeing Beyond the Thrones"-Living out Evangelii Gaudium - Cardinal DiNardo (Podcast)
July 14th - "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"-The Importance of Human Dignity - Msgr. Frank Rossi (Podcast)
July 21st - "Social Justice League" - Panel Discussion Moderated by Deacon Sam Dunning
July 28th - "May the Force Be With You... And With Your Spirit"-The Beauty of the Mass - John Michael Talbot (Podcast)

2013 - Home Faith Advantage

July 8th - Our New Pope and the Future of the Church - Cardinal DiNardo
July 15th - Bleeding Our Team Colors in a Gray World - Sr. Mary Brenda, OP
July 22nd - Christian Love in the Pagan Coliseum - Christopher West
July 29th - Spreading the Fan Fever of the Faith - Fr. Dwight Longenecker

2012 - Do You Hunger For More Than Games?

July 9th - The Church In America – From Small Town Boy To Cardinal - Cardinal DiNardo
July 16th - ChristVille Calling Catholics Home, Calling Catholic Heroes - Tom Peterson
July 23rd - Words With Catholics Telling Our Story With Christ The Living Word - Laura Laine
July 30th - Draw Something Deep Living With Passion And Catching Fire For Christ - Fr. Cedric Pisegna, CP 

2011 - RetroFAITH: Back to Basics

July 11th - RetroWISDOM - Cardinal DiNardo
July 18th - RetroWORSHIP - Sandy Higgins
July 25th - RetroVIRTUE - Ben & Maria Walther and David Thies
August 1st - RetroSPIRIT - Rev. Msgr. Bill Young



2010 - Christian Relating: Is there an APP for that?

July 12, 2010: iBelieve in God (Transform Us? Creed Does That) - Cardinal DiNardo
July 19, 2010: iLove Others as Myself (Who's in Our Network?) - Shannon Deitz
July 26, 2010: iServe a Vocation (Answering Our Calls in Public) - Vocation's Panel 
August 2, 2010: iWitness Good News (It's not Spam, It's Evangelization) - Marcel LeJeune

2009 - Reel Word

July 6, 2009 - "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Bible" (Bible History) - Prof. Jeremy Wilkins
July 13, 2009 - "Big Daddy" (Writings of the Church Fathers - Patristics) - Cardinal DiNardo
July 20, 2009 - "Keeping the Faith" (Praying with Scriptures) - Ennie Hickman
July 27, 2009 - "Courage Under Fire" (St. Paul and Evangelization) - Fr. Dominic Pistone

2008 - Back to Basics

July 7, 2008 - Overview of the Sacraments - Cardinal DiNardo
July 14, 2008 - Sacraments of Initiation - Fr. Brendan Cahill (Handout)
July 21, 2008 - Sacraments of Service - Fr. Dat Hoang & Mrs. Winnie Honeywell  (Handout 1)  (Handout 2)
July 21, 2008 - Sacraments of Service - Fr. Leon Streider

2007 - Get Connected

July 9, 2007 - Who's in your 5? - Nick Lopez, Connie and David Vuong, Joe and Cinda Devet
July 16, 2007 - iVote - Dave Wallace and Barbara Elliott
July 23, 2007 - Can You Hear Me Now? - Archbishop Daniel DiNardo
July 30, 2007 - Need Direction? Use GPS Navitation - Fr. Sean Horrigan and Sally Flowers

2006 - To Be a Catholic

July 10, 2006 - Mission - "I Believe" - Archbishop Daniel DiNardo
July 17, 2006 - Corpus Christi - "Celebrating the Mystery" - Archbishop Daniel DiNardo
July 24, 2006 - Liberty - "Life in Christ" - Bishop Joe S. Vasquez
July 31, 2006 - Chappell Hill - "Christian Prayer" - Bishop Vincent M. Rizzotto 

2005 - Oh, the Places You'll Go!

July 18 - And to Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street (Faith on the Street) - Barbara J. Elliott
July 25 - Come Over to My House (Exploring Spirituality) - Fr. Justin Price, OSB, Sr. Pauline Troncale, CCVI, & Maritza Roman
August 1 - The Cat in the Hat (Conversation with the Archbishop) - Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza
August 8 - What Was I Afraid Of (Dating and Relationships) - Joe & Cathy Garcia-Prats

2004 - Surviving the Real World

Jul 12 - American Idols (Faithful citizenship) - Bro. Richard Daly, CSC
Jul 19 - Bachelors and Bachelorettes (Dating and sex) - Fr. Michael Barrett
Jul 26 - The Apprentice (Faith on the job) - Leo Linbeck, III
Aug 2 - Fear Factor (Where am I going with my life?) - Fr. Clint Ressler

2003 - Sizzling Summer Sequels

Jul 28 - Matrix Revelations - Sherra N. Theisen, Ph.D.
Aug 4 - X2-Xians United - Most Rev. Joe S. Vasquez
Aug 11 - 2Fast2Serious - Rev. Michael Barrett
Aug 18 - The Lord & the Rings - Revs. David & Bruce Noble

2001 - Must See TV

Temptation Island - Temptation and sin from Genesis to Generation X - Msgr. Frank Rossi.
Will & Grace - How to discern and follow God's will in your life - Fr. Clint Ressler
Survivor - How to survive in the adult world when co-workers and family members still treat you as a kid -Anne Grizzle, LMSW-ACP
Left Behind? - How Catholics should interpret the apocalyptic books of the Bible - Kathleen Weber, Ph.D.

2000 - Love & Marriage

Where Is God Leading Me? - Panel: Fr. Troy Gately, Fr. Michael Barrett, Deacon Frank & Helen Ostrowski
The Dating Game - Winnie Honeywell & Fr. John Boll
Let's Get Intimate - Joe & Cinda DeVet and Fr. Sean Horrigan
For Better or for Worse? - Msgr. Frank Rossi

1999 - First Café Catholica in Houston

June 7, 1999 - Who are We? - Larry Balsam, LCSW
June 14, 1999 - The Relationship Riddle - Joe and Cinda DeVet
June 28, 1999 - Spirituality for Young Adults - Sr. Mary Margaret Rosberg, CVI
July 12, 1999 - Why the Church? - Bill Cork and Fr. Sean Horrigan
July 19, 1999 - Life in the World - Fr. Frank Rossi
July 26, 1999 - Facing 2000: Young Adults in the New Millennium - Bishop James A. Tamayo


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