Bioethics Seminar for Young Adults

This offering was held in February 2022. We do not have the next one scheduled yet. If interested in learning about when it will be offered again, please contact Angie or Julie (info below).

For more information, contact Angie Pometto at or Julie Fritsch at   

Session Descriptions

Session #1: February 7
How do I determine if a decision is morally good or not?
Explaining the ethics of human dignity, marriage and sexuality
The “why’s” of Church teaching on contraception and sterilization

Session #2: February 14
Infertility and the ethics of reproductive technologies
Defining “personhood”
Current trends in Chemical Abortion

Session #3: February 21
Questions of Maternal Health during pregnancy
Ethics of prenatal testing and diagnosis
Emergency contraception: Can it ever be used ethically?

Session #4: February 28
Ethics of egg donation, surrogacy arrangements and embryo adoption
Experimental technologies: uterine transplant and the 3-parent embryo


Speaker: Julie Dienno-Demarest

Julie Dienno-Demarest is a spiritual director, author, and educator for adolescents and adults. Whether teaching, writing or leading retreats, Julie enjoys telling stories and asking probing reflection questions to help people cultivate lived faith. She has her B.A. in theology from DeSales University, her M.Ed. in religious education and post-Masters in Spiritual Formation from Boston College. In addition to writing for St. Mary’s Press and Liturgical Training Publications, she offers personal reflections “On the Journey” at Currently, Julie teaches Theology at St. Thomas High School and practices Spiritual Direction at St. Paul’s. Biking around her NASA affiliated Houston neighborhood with her husband and two boys is one of the simple joys for which Julie gives thanks and praise to God.

For more information contact the Office of Young Adult & Campus Ministry at 714-741-8778 or or the Office of Pro-Life Activities at