From Practicing Catholics to Apostles in Mission

9 week Online formation program in leadership and evangelization for yong adults in their 20's and 30's

Overview-Goals of the Initiative

In collaboration with the Catholic Apostolate Center, this initiative is designed to help young adults respond to the thirst for God in the world by using their gifts in service to their parish and the larger world. It is done by:

Formation for the New Evangelization – This initiative is committed to forming young adults theologically and ministerially for the work of the New Evangelization, preparing participants to engage with the challenges facing their local communities as well as the greater society. Participants will learn from experienced recognized Church leaders and engage with peers on how to live out faith as apostles, women and men chosen and sent on mission by Jesus Christ and his Church.  During this formation, young adults gain the tools necessary to assume a proactive role in the Church’s mission of Evangelization.


Formation for the New Evangelization

The work of the New Evangelization is grounded “in presenting once more the beauty and perennial newness of the encounter with Christ” (XIII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, #3). 

This formation program addresses the challenge of living out the Catholic faith as a young adult in the Church and in the world.  The content is broken into three sections that address key factors of the Catholic vocation: the mission of the contemporary Catholic, the mission of the Church, and the way of living as apostles of Christ.

Through this program you will:

  1. Learn the history and mission of the Church’s call to Evangelization.

  2. Gain the tools necessary to be a missionary disciple and serve the needs of your community.

  3. Join a community of young adult apostles who are on fire with their faith, and want to serve as Evangelizers in their local communities. 


This formation program will be offered virtual online. The program consists of nine 60 minute sessions, on Thursday evenings beginning Thursday, September 10 through November 5. The style of the class will reflect adult learning models that value the experience and insight of the students as active and collaborative learners. 


Session 1: Personal relationship With Jesus
Session 2: Baptismal Call and Mission
Session 3: Discernment & Apostolic Vocation
Session 4: Liturgy and Spirituality- Eucharist
Session 5: Evangelization & Missionary Discipleship
Session 6: The Church In Service to the World- Social Justice
Session 7: Collaboration in Ministry
Session 8: Parish Ministry
Session 9: Evangelization Discussion


Sessions begin September 10! We encourage you to apply soon as applicants will be accepted on a first come basis and a limited number of spots are available!


  1. Foundational experience in basic Catholic Theology through college courses or adult faith formation opportunities.
  2. Completion of a Bachelor’s degree (in any academic field of study) is highly recommended.

Applying to the initiative is straightforward. Apply online and follow the application process. If you have any questions, please contact and someone on staff will get back to you.

Application Process:

  1. We recommend that you talk to your pastor or parish leader about your interest in the program and the needs of your local community.
  2. Complete the online application form. Application deadline is September 8, 2020
  3. Registration fee $35 per person and covers all the sessions and reflection day. You may pay by credit card in the link below.

Click here to register online!