Liturgy Preparation Materials

Liturgy Preparation

The Liturgy Preparation Form is to be completed and submitted no later than six weeks (45 days) prior to the scheduled liturgy.

Liturgy Preparation Forms (See Notes below on completing liturgy preparation forms)

For the Confirmation Liturgy Preparation Form and other confirmation documents click Here.

Order of Blessing a Parish Hall or Catechetical Center

Order of Ground Blessing/Breaking without Mass

Agreement for use of the Office of Worship/Archdiocesan Vestments

Liturgical Items Request Form (this is to request items used for conference liturgies)

  • For small group liturgies, submit the items request form no later than one week prior to the date the items will be needed.
  • Liturgies for large group will require more time. Contact the Office of Worship in preparing for an upcoming liturgy.

For other forms not included above, please contact the Office of Worship at 713-741-8760.

Completing and Submitting the Liturgy Preparation Form

Our preference for submitting the form is via email at 

  1. Click on the preferred form above (Microsoft Word document or PDF document) and Save it to your workstation.
  2. Open the Microsoft Word document or PDF document from your workstation.
  3. Please make sure to complete the form in its entirety.
  4. Include all the prayers and readings to be used at the confirmation.
  5. List all musical elements by title, composer, and hymnal.
  6. Save the file once completed.
  7. Attach the completed document file to a new email message and send to as indicated on the form.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the liturgy preparation form, please contact our office during business hours at 713-741-8760 or email