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Overturn of Roe v. Wade

Read Cardinal DiNardo's Statement here

USCCB statement

TCCB statement

The Truth About Abortion & Women's Health (USCCB) 


Sign the petition today to help stop the use of taxpayer dollars in funding abortion visit:

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Latest information and resources on the COVID-19 vaccine:

While Catholics are permitted to receive the COVID-19 vaccines, despite their remote connection to abortion, Catholics should also consider objecting to the use of fetal cell lines in research and development of vaccines and request that pharmaceutical companies use other cell lines in future drug development.  To facilitate these communications, Catholics who have received the vaccine may use letters developed by the USCCB in making these requests.  Letters to various pharmaceutical companies may be found in the link below. 

Letters to Pharmaceutical Companies | USCCB


ACT NOW to help stop mail-order abortion

Please register your support with your Senators and Representatives today on this important legislation.  The SAVE (Support and Value Expectant) Moms & Babies Act seeks to protect women by restricting use of chemical abortion (the “abortion pill”) to prescription by licensed physicians, limiting or ending mail-in or telemedicine prescriptions and other safeguards for these potentially dangerous drugs. 


Other cell lines are available for use in producing a vaccine. We demand a Covid-19 vaccine that is developed ethically and free from the exploitation of abortion. Join us and take action now, click here.


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