Sacramental Catechesis

The preparation for and celebration of sacraments are an important and privileged encounter with God's grace.

The National Directory for Catechesis (p. 114) states:

Dioceses and parish should present sacramental catechesis that

  • Is a comprehensive and systematic formation in the faith, one that integrates knowledge of the faith with living the faith
  • Is fundamentally Trinitarian and centers on initiation into the life of the Triune God
  • Presents Christian life as a lifelong journey to the Father in the Son and through the Holy Spirit
  • Is appropriate to the age level, maturity, and circumstances of those being catechized
  • Is intended for all members of the Christian community, takes place within the community, and involves the whole community of faith\
  • Involves parents in the preparation of their children for the sacraments
  • Is integrated into a comprehensive catechetical program
  • Focuses primarily on the symbols, rituals, and prayers contained in the rite for each sacrament
  • Enables the believer to reflect on the meaning of the sacrament received by implementing a thorough experience of mytagogia following the celebration.

In light of this, the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis provides support for sacramental catechesis in the following areas:

Children's Catechumenate

Infant Baptism

First Penance and Reconciliation

First Eucharist

Youth Confirmation

Adult Confirmation