Catechetical Modules: Process to host them in your parish

Why the Catechetical Modules?

While the vocation to be a catechist is gift from God those He chooses for this ministry, the knowledge, skills and virtues needed to successfully discharge this vocation must be learned and/or developed. The Objective of the Catechetical Modules is to begin the lifelong learning process of those who are called to be catechists. 

The following are the 10 Catechetical Modules that all catechists in active ministry in our Archdiocese are required to complete within the first stage of their catechetical ministry:

01- Catechetical Framework                                                  

02- Lesson Design                                                                       

03- Assessment strategies                                                       

04- Human and spiritual Development                              

05- Enculturating Catechesis

06- Vocation of the Catechist                                                 

07- Liturgical Catechesis

08- Family the domestic church

09- Spirituality and Evangelization

10- Curriculum Training (pilot stage)


What is the process to host these catechetical modules at your parish?

In our day and age, it is imperative that we manage all educational data and records accurately and with transparence, all records of catechist trainings on Catechetical Modules must originate and kept by the Archdiocesan data base and Learning Managment System called CAPERNAUM

In order to ensure that this is properly done, all parishes that wish to host a training of one or more of the catechetical modules must request that that training session be created in CAPERNAUM. The following are the steps to accomplish this goal:


01- Make the decision of which modules to host on your parish:

This decision is completely up to you. You may choose to host only one module or multiple modules, according to your needs and your possibilities.

It is important to keep in mind that:

1. Your parish will provide the facilities, the materials and the stipend for the facilitator of each module you host.

2. The registration fees that must be paid through Capernaum will be refunded to your parish (minus a fee for the use of the Capernaum platform) once all the modules you host are completed. 

3. Due to the accounting process, we must follow, the refund of the registration fees will take between 5 to 8 weeks after the last module has been hosted.

4. You need to make sure that the facilitator's stipend is paid in a timely manner and all other expenses are covered whether or not your refund has been received.


02-Secure an agreement with an approved modules' facilitator:

Due to privacy concerns, you must contact Miguel A. Vences to request the contact information of the approved Modules' Facilitators:

When you make an agreement with an approved modules' facilitator it is important to include the amount, the date and the form of the stipend  he/she will receive for facilitating the module.


03- Submit the following Hosting Request Form -Catechetical Modules- 




04- Wait for the instructions about how to host the modules:

Once your hosting request form is received, our staff will create the appropriate event pages in CAPERNUM and will get back to you with the information you will need to publicize your event and get your catechists properly registered for it.

it is important that you keep in mind that:


1. There is a limit of 40 participants per session (strictly enforced by CAPERNUM automatically).

2. All participants MUST register prior to your event through their personal Capernaum account.

3. Unless you request that your event be exclusive for your own parish, your event will be open to all Capernaum users. 


05- Host the catechetical module or modules on your parish:


On the day of your event please make sure to take attendance with the list we will provide you prior to the beginning of your event. 

Also, please make note of any incidents or any information that could cause confusion that could affect accurate record keeping.


06- Submit a report of the event:

Your report must include:

-Attendance list of all participants that were present for the complete module.

-Any information you may have learned that may cause any confusion with the record keeping (significant late arrivals, different names of the participants as compared with the attendance list, etc.)

-You must submit your report within 5 days of completion of the module to:

Miguel A. Vences



Miguel A. Vences, M.A.

Associate Director OEC

Catechists’ Certification &

Catechetical Leaders’ Formation

Direct: 713-741-8797