Whole Community Catechesis

Whole Whole Community Catechesis [WCC] is grounded in the Church's understanding that the Baptismal catechumenate offers the inspiration for all catechesis. Within the process of initial and ongoing formation, it is the responsibility of the entire Christian community to give shape and witness to one another in forming the Body of Christ [General Directory for Catechesis, 90]. The OEC offers formation, resources, and support in the development and implementation of a variety of WCC models.

Certain that children learn their faith first from their parents, the desire to deepen parental involvement in religious education is most beneficial, as it strengthens and supports the entire domestic church – the family home. Presentations and resources are available to parishes and families wanting to gain additional knowledge regarding this very intimate and relational aspect of faith formation "family style". The many spiritual growth opportunities and blessings shared between parents and their children add faith to life and life to faith. 

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