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One-hour training sessions for Youth Ministers, DRE's Catechist, and CORE Members

Christus Vivit Webinar Series

Rethinking Youth Ministry in Light of Christus Vivit

Tue.  |  Sept. 17, 2019  |  11 am - 12 pm

What is a synodal model of youth ministry? Do we offer a "popular" or "elitist" ministry and what do those terms mean? How can you engage in missionary youth ministry? And what are the two main courses of action we are to take? These questions will be tackled in this webinar.

Youth Ministry cannot remain the same if it wants to truly transform the lives of young people and their families.  Pope Francis is clear from the outset of the document that he is not setting out a new outline for a youth ministry program. He does, however, present several proposals that challenge us to rethink what youth ministry should look like.

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How to share the Message of Christus Vivit with Teens

Tues.  |  Nov. 19, 2019  |  11 am - 12 pm

Pope Francis shares three great truths that he wants all young people to know. How can we share these truths with the teens in our ministries? How can we help teens to see themselves as the protagonist of their faith? What do we challenge young people to see themselves as the "now of God" as Francis calls them?

Christus Vivit is the first Apostolic letter addressed directly to the young people of the world.  It is not meant to be a document read and left on the shelf. We as ministers to youth must learn how to share the richness of this letter with them.

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Relational Ministry in Light of Christus Vivit

Tue.  |  March 3, 2010  |  11 am - 12 pm

Relational ministry is one of the key areas of ministry to youth. Pope Francis calls both young people and those who work with them to a deeper level of communion than many of us are used to. 

The pastoral plan for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is centered on a spirituality of communion. Christus Vivit builds upon the writing of St. John Paul II in this area and helps us Youth Ministers to align our work with that of the entire Archdioceses. 

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How to Accompany Youth as the Discern Pathways

Tue.  |  May 5, 2020  |  11 am - 12 pm

Like God the Father, young people have a unique ability to "discern pathways where others see only walls." How can we as youth ministry leaders and catechists/CORE better accompany young people as they seek to discern pathways of life, faith, and vocation?

Accompaniment is a difficult word to understand, and even more difficult to practice. This webinar will seek to explore practical ways that we can accompany young people in discernment.

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