Marriage Under Stress

Is your marriage stressed? 

Oftentimes, families and marriage relationships experience stress from conflict and life challenges.

The Family Life Ministry offers different options for supporting families and married couples in these situations, such as Breakthrough, Retrouvaille, and other counseling alternatives.


Communication between spouses can break down and provide a major strain on the relationship. Breakthrough is an online course to better understand their conflict triggers, how to process resentment, and hot to tap into their natural ability for forgiveness and joy.

The course is created by Dr. Byron and Francine Pirola, directors of a ministry based in Sydney, Australia called SmartLoving. The ministry is dedicated to supporting couples through relationship education and presents a series of valuable videos and reflections for a private, self-paced study. It is designed to promote clarity, communication, and healing.

  • Details of the SmartLoving Breakthrough Course:
    • Resources provided address the issues at play in marriages, highlighting myths about relationships, argument styles, and how to avoid or be aware of conflict triggers. The course includes a discussion of emotional needs and wounds with tools for healing and forgiveness.
    • Techniques are provided to re-establish connection between spouses and restore hope in the relationship’s future by understanding how to love each other in a way they want and need to be loved.
    • Registration cost includes access to all online videos and exercises.
    • Participants may participate in the course together (as a couple) or as an individual using the same registration.



The Retrouvaille program is for married couples facing difficult challenges in their relationship.  It helps couples restore their marriage and rebuild a loving relationship.  It is a Christian marriage program that is Catholic in origin but couples of all faiths, or no faith, are encouraged to attend.  Those who are already separated, want to improve communication, or reconnect are encouraged to consider the program. 


There is always hope of reviving your relationship. To register please visit If you would like to speak to someone about attending an upcoming weekend, please call 713-529-6242 and leave a message.

Support & Counseling

Depending on the situation, some families may require professional counseling from other organizations, such as Gratia Plena, Rejoice, and Catholic Charities.

Please give us a call to discuss the most appropriate options for you.  (713) 741-8710 or

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