NFP Classes

The study of Natural Family Planning (NFP) is required as part of the marriage preparation process provided by the Family Life Ministry of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. Couples are invited to attend an introductory class to learn more about NFP and the different methods and models available. The following classes are offered through the Family Life Ministry.

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  • Upon completion of the NFP course, participants will receive a Certificate for Assistance for the NFP method or model to give to the Family Life Minister at their parish to fulfill this marriage preparation requirement.
  • Couples are encouraged to go deeper into learning more about their preferred method.
  • At the moment all classes are offered online only. 

Available Classes for 2022

DATES                    METHOD

February 19           Creighton
March 17                 Creighton
March 23                Creighton
March 5                  Marquette
April 13                    Creighton
April 23                   Creighton
April 9                     Marquette
May 14                    Marquette
May 17                     Creighton
May 4                      Creighton
June 11                     Creighton
July 28                     Creighton
August 20              Creighton
September 22      Creighton
October 22            Creighton
November 10       Creighton
December 8          Creighton

To register to any of these classes please press this button:

Para ver la lista de clases en español oprima aquí.

Want to learn more about NFP?

The Family Life Ministry is committed to providing individuals, couples, and parishes with support and resources to promote NFP. All couples are invited to attend the introductory formation program and encouraged to learn the methods of their preference in detail. You may contact the instructor for your method of choice for more information.

METHOD                      INSTRUCTOR                                      CONTACT INFO

Billings                         Ana Gabriela Schmude                      832-606-9000

Creighton                     Bayard Linbeck                                        713-907-9177

Creighton                     Mary Caprio                                 832-372-4633

Marquette                    Louis Boychuck                                      N/A

Sympto-Thermal     José & Hermelinda Macías                          832-782-9352


If you have any questions about these or other programs, you may contact us at or 713-741-8710

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