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Please check on the links below for upcoming training events for clergy and lay ecclesial ministers working in marriage and family life ministries.  Couples who plan to minister to engaged couples together should plan to attend all trainings together.  The Winter/Spring season is mostly Spanish trainings and the Fall is mostly English trainings.  Some English events are available during Spanish training season. Classes are presented at St. Dominic Archdiocesan Ctr. 2403 Holcombe Blvd. Houston TX 77021 -- unless otherwise noted. Please see below:

ENG: Trainings and Events  for Marriage Prep Ministry Winter/Spring 2020

Witness to Love Dinner and Info Meeting Jan. 14, 2020 CLOSED

Witness to Love Lunch and Info Meeting Jan. 15, 2020 CLOSED

Best Practices for Marriage Prep Min. Feb. 4, 2020 (AM) CLOSED

The Marriage Paperwork-shop Feb. 4, 2020 (PM) CLOSED

FOCCUS Facilitator Certification Training Apr. 28 & 30, 2020 REGISTER

PREPARE-ENRICH Facilitator Cert. Training May 12-14, 2020  REGISTER


ESPAÑOL: Entrenamientos y Eventos para Ministros de Preparacion Matrimonial 2020

Clase I: Teología del Matrimonio 11 de enero 2020 9 am - 5 pm CERRADO

Testimonio de Amor Cena y Reunion Informativa 14 de enero CERRADO

Testimonio de Amor Almuerzo y Reunion Informativa 15 de enero CERRADO

Clase II: Clase para Padrinos de Preparación Matrimonial (Parejas Guias) 25 de enero 9 am- 5 pm CERRADO

Clase IIB: Retiros Prematrimoniales 15 de febrero CERRADO

Entrenamiento de Certificacion para Facilitadores FOCCUS 3 y 5 de marzo


Entrenamiento de Certificación para Facilitadores PREPARE ENRICH 21 de marzo INSCRIBASE



Mejores Prácticas Para la Preparacion Matrimonial 18 de feb 2020 (AM)

La Documentación Matrimonial 18 de feb 2020 (PM) CERRADO