While at Home

Practical ideas to protect and guide your family in these times.

The way we act as parents and family leaders in these times has a profound effect on the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our families. Now is the time to renew our trust in God, teach our family to depend on Him, strengthen our faith, hope, and Christian charity.

We have prepared a set of resources for you; they are oriented to help you to take care of your family in these times.

Pentecost is here! Is your family ready to receive the Holy Spirit? What can you do to get everyone ready? Check in this video four elements you need to live in the Holy Spirit of God and review them if you want with your study of the Acts of the Apostles. Remember to download your copy of our practical guide.


The gradual and safe reopening of parishes. We are eager for returning to Mass and the Eucharist. Check this practical guide about the things you can expect at your parish and how to collaborate with your pastor for a safe and joyful homecoming to your parish. Have you downloaded the practical guide already?

For the protocols established by the civil authorities for a safe opening, please click here.


Walking together as we Open Texas. It seems that we will soon go back to normal. How will we walk together with family and close friends, as we return to our daily lives? Discover in this video four awesome spiritual pathways for your journey. Download for free your copy of our practical guide.


Happy Easter Season! Have you discovered how the New Life in Christ manifests in your family already? We invite you to this Easter Challenge and discover treasures of joy and blessings. Download for free our practical guide with more details for doing the challenge at home.


Family Life Reboot. This week, we all are invited to recognize the specific form in which Christ brings New Life to our families. Check this video and practical guide with 4 different strategies and two virtues in balance, so you can discover this at home.


Basic Home Preparations. Quick check-list of four basic elements for making sure you have the essential bases covered. Download for free our guide for more details on how to prepare your home.


Your Inner Peace. Find four practical ideas to keep or regain your inner peace, essential before assisting others at home. Remember to download the related to handout for more detailed information.


Celebrate the Day of the Lord at home. Please check the video and the one-pager document with some ideas for participating in the Sunday celebration from your home.


More contents coming! Stay tuned!


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