Protecting God's Children® for Adults


Protecting God's Children® for Adults 

A prevention and awareness training at the parish and school level for adults.

The training consists of classroom presentations, printed materials, and DVDs that will focus on the prevention of abuse and the protection of children.

The program is designed particularly for those adults who have custodial care of children as part of their duties. Training in the signs and symptoms that indicate a child is being abused in some way, and how to talk with children about these issues. You will also learn the Archdiocese's reporting policies and procedures for suspected abuse of a minor. An online component called "VIRTUS online" will provide continued training through monthly bulletins. 

Sessions are held throughout the year at various parishes and schools throughout the Archdiocese and are free of charge to all participants.

To register, please click here to view a list of sessions.

Attendance is required for all employees over the age of 18 of the Archdiocese and all volunteers who work in any capacity with or around children, the elderly, and adults with special needs. No children may attend and in almost all cases childcare will not be provided. 

All attendees are required to present one of the five accepted forms of identification listed below. All identification must be current and not expired. Individuals who do not have one of the five forms of identification will not be allowed to attend any VIRTUS workshop. Click here to view the five forms of identification.

  • Any State-issued driver's license
  • Any State-issued identification card
  • Passport from any country
  • Mexico Consulate Identification card (Matricular Consular)
  • Guatemala Consulate Identification card 

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