Nullity Case Sponsor Training 2022

COVID PROTOCOLS: For the time being, we will be following the CDC's guidelines regarding social distancing. Currently, masks are recommended although not required. In-person training is subject to COVID-19 surge and restrictions. If we are unable to host in-person, training will be virtual.

The Metropolitan Tribunal is pleased to announce its next formational training program of 36 hours for Nullity Case Sponsors.


We encourage every parish to have trained Nullity Case Sponsors. As always, any priest is welcome to attend any or all of these sessions, but registration is required due to limited space.

For deacons, this training can be applied toward continuing education hours that are required by the Office of the Diaconate.

*Pastor’s approval is required for lay people.  Lay people are to be chosen carefully by the pastor and are to possess certain qualities that are necessary for this service.  The lay person is to understand and adhere to the teachings of the Church in general but specifically to the Catholic theology of marriage; be in good standing with the Church; be discrete and non-judgmental; have common sense and critical thinking skills; be patient and have good communication skills; and have ample time to serve in this capacity.

To qualify to serve as a Nullity Case Sponsor, one must complete all 36 hours of training.


A simultaneous Spanish translation will be offered. Individual must use his/her own cell phone and headphones.  Charges may incur due to minute usage.


The training will be held at St. Dominic Center Auditorium, 2403 Holcombe Blvd., Houston, TX 77023, on the following six Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm:

  • Course 1:  January 8th & 22th
  • Course 2:  February 5th & 19th
  • Course 3:  March 5th & 19th


The cost for all three sessions is $100.  Individual sessions are $40.  Scholarships are available if necessary, please contact the Metropolitan Tribunal.

To register please visit:  


 For any questions, call the Metropolitan Tribunal (713) 807-9286 or toll free (1-877-674-5801) or email