Resources List / Lista de Recursos

  1. Pontifical John Paul II Institue for Studies on Marriage and Family at The Catholic University of America
  2. USCCB-Secretariat for Hispanic Affairs
    USCCB Secretariado para Asuntos Hispanos
  3. USCCB-Publishing on Hispanic Ministry, Multiculturalism and Immigrants and Refugees
    USCCB-Publicaciones para el Ministerio Hispano, Multiculturalismo e Inmigrantes y Refugiados
  4. USCCB-United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
    USCCB-Conferencia Episcopal Católica de los Estados Unidos
  5. Training and Certificates on Hispanic Ministry and Degrees on
    Pastoral Studies and Pastoral Ministry focused on Hispanic Ministry
    Entrenamiento y Certificados en Ministerio Hispano y Títulos Universitarios en
    Estudios Pastorales y Ministerio Pastoral enfocados en Ministerio Hispano

    Institute of Religious and Pastoral Studies, University of Dallas

    Catholic University of America 

  6. Pastoral Principles to Further Develop Hispanic Ministry
    Pastorales para Desarrollar Mejor el Ministerio Hispano

  7. Catholic Organizations in Spanish
    Agrupaciones Católicas en Español

  8. Catholic Archdiocese of
    Arquidiócesis Católica de Galveston-Houston/Oficinas Pastorales

    The Holy See
    La Santa Sede
Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry
Plan Pastoral Arquidiocesano para el Ministerio Hispano