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A project of Catholic New Creation, Inc.

Catholic men come to Isaiah House to receive assistance in their journey home. Many have been locked up for ten to twenty years or more. They have had someone make all their decisions for many years. Isaiah House offers them a hand up, not a hand out. Individual case management plans are worked out between the client and the Isaiah House staff. Upon release, men are given a place to live, spiritual guidance, offered employment opportunities, clothing, city transportation, family reunification, healthcare, victim mediation, tools, and many other services. It has been our experience that men who are given a "hand up" will succeed in leaving the world of crime and violence behind in favor of doing what is right. In the absence of God, housing, food, and a job, a man will resolve to live on the street and take what you have in order to survive. They will return to a life of crime and even welcome the eventual return to prison. Isaiah House is committed to reducing prison / jail recidivism through a comprehensive, structured, program that address the issues of each client that walks through the door.
If you are interested in helping this cause, please call 281-442-7200.

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