Foundations (Virtual): Pastoral Visitor Training

Registration for the Spring 2022 Foundations class is now closed!
Any registrations after this time will be considered for the fall training which will begin in August.
Thank you for your interest in this ministry.

This course equips laypersons for ministry by presenting basic pastoral care skills and knowledge, plus essential grief theory.  Through the training sessions, Pastoral Visitors will be able to provide pastoral care ministry to Catholic and non-Catholic (ecumenical and interfaith) sisters and brothers in a variety of institutional settings. You become a part of the Archdiocesan CCC Pastoral Visitation Team and attend ongoing formation and enrichment.

The course consists of 7 virtual sessions. For each session of the course, you will watch a video in advance, followed by identical seminars offered on Thursday and Saturday mornings, 9:00 am - 10:30 am, on alternating weeks.  You can simply choose which day you prefer: Thursday or Saturday.


Getting Started:

After completing the prerequisites, you will meet with a CCC team member and discuss interest and expectations.

  • Interested persons attend an orientation session and begin ministry in an approved setting as soon as possible.
    • Experience with an assigned mentor will accelerate your ministry orientation process
    • You attend enrichment seminars during orientation time.
  • You will be given a Capernaum (Archdiocesan virtual learning platform) registration link to complete to begin your training.


Foundation Course – structural elements

  • The ministry responsibility is sensitive to time limitations for persons who are employed on a full-time basis. Therefore, ministry duties can be performed during weekdays, Saturdays, or weekday evenings. 
  • 7 sessions: 30-60 minute video the week prior to the live virtual sessions that are 90 minutes each.
    • We will meet virtually on Thursday or Saturday (every two weeks)
    • You may not miss more than ONE live Session

Foundation Course – educational topics

  • Enhance skills for pastoral care ministry as a Pastoral Visitor, with its emphasis upon empathic listening
  • Gain introductory knowledge on grief, trauma, and impact of illness upon families
  • Deepen capacity to reflect upon personal ministry to further improve skills and increase knowledge
  • Interact with ministry colleagues to gain additional insights and deepen a sense of community among Pastoral Visitors.


Eucharistic Ministry Training (EMT) – Homebound and Nursing Home Ministry

This introductory 6-hour course is designed to offer very basic training to equip persons to effectively provide pastoral care and offer Spiritual and Holy Communion to Catholic sisters and brothers who are homebound or residents in Nursing Homes. You serve as a part of your parish ministry and are encouraged to deepen your commitment through periodic enrichment opportunities in your parish.

Parish contacts CCC to arrange training dates. Parish fees will be discussed.

Please note:

  • Prerequisite: Parishes request this training, have their own prerequisites.
      • If you wish to offer Holy Communion in your ministry you must be a commissioned Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion by your Parish before entering the training.
  • Pastoral Visitor Ministry: Persons seeking to serve as CCC Pastoral Visitors must complete a different training course. * Most hospital systems require those who bring Holy Communion to the sick in their institutions have the Foundations Pastoral Visitor Training.

Eucharistic Ministry Training – structural elements

  • 6 hours of training virtual or in-person (parish leadership and CCC team can discuss options)
  • Offered in both English and Spanish

Eucharistic Ministry Training – educational topics

  • Spirituality of Pastoral Care
  • Introduction to empathic listening
  • Scope and boundaries of pastoral care ministry
  • Use of prayer and scripture in ministry
  • Spiritual meaning of Sacraments in Pastoral Care
  • Spiritual Communion in Pastoral Care
  • How to offer Holy Communion, how to make a referral for a priest


Enrichment Seminars

During the school year, the CCC offers enrichment opportunities in virtual sessions, as well as retreats and days of prayer.  Anyone is welcome to attend the virtual sessions, which will be recorded and offered through the Archdiocesan Capernaum website.  We strongly encourage all trained Pastoral Visitors to attend these sessions, which offer opportunities for new learning, sharing of experiences, and enhancing skills and knowledge building on your own experiences.  Links to the virtual sessions for these topics will be sent through our CCC email contact list the week prior to the event.

Spring 2022 Sessions and Topics

  • Ministry with Children and Families March 19, 9:00 – 10:15 am (we will have a panel of chaplains who work in hospital spiritual care share with us)
  • Crisis Ministry May 14, 9:00- 10:15 am (chaplains who work in hospital spiritual care will share with us)


For more information regarding all courses, contact Nannette Coons at or call 713-747-8445.