Burial Options

The Catholic Cemetery is a sacred ministry of the Church that outwardly represents faith in the resurrection. When choosing which kind of burial is right for you and your family, it’s important to make it a beautiful expression of prayer, reflection, and hope for all. We have many options to help you create this perfect final resting place.

Cremated remains can be buried or placed into an above-ground niche. Garden options include placement in a columbarium, in-ground burial with lawn-level marker and vase, or a granite bench with urn spaces.

Chapel mausoleum niches are available with protected indoor and outdoor selections.Mausoleum and columbarium niche prices include bronze memorial or engraving.

We offer the finest selection of lawn-level markers in pure granite as well as bronze on granite.Available in wide array of styles and colors in both single and companion widths, each detail is created with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Veteran markers received from the Veterans Administration are set without charge. We also offer veteran’s spouse companion markers and granite foundations for single and companion bronze markers. 

We offer the finest selection of monuments available, each featuring high-quality granite and unmistakable craftsmanship. Once you choose a monument, experienced artisans then go to work carefully inscribing the intricate details to produce memorials of perfection and enduring beauty.

Monument options include traditional markers, granite benches and statues of all sizes. The choices are seemingly endless, which is why we suggest that the selection be made at an appropriate time of your choosing, free from the pressure and emotional exhaustion of the funeral and burial. Whether choosing an existing design or creating a fully original memorial, our Family Service Representatives will take the time and care to help you select a tribute that will make your family eternally proud.

Family heritage lots typically encompass 10 or 12 graves. Corner lots are also available, which accommodate 18 to 24 graves. Estate lots allow the family to provide personal landscaping and place benches and corner markers. One prominent family memorial may be installed at the head of the lot and individual markers may be placed on each grave.

Estate lots truly establish a place of family heritage, plus they offer exceptional value and the comfort of knowing that the spaces are paid for when the need arises.

A stately alternative for those who seek above-ground entombment, our beautiful mausoleums provide the permanency of steel reinforced concrete and polished granite. We offer single, true companion, and side-by-side companion crypts in indoor or outdoor settings, each adorned with a lovely and durable bronze memorial plaque. Mausoleum entombment is comparable to the combined cost of a traditional grave, vault, and memorial. There are options to fit every budget.

Mausoleums can also be designed and constructed for your family’s private use. These are available in a variety of exquisite designs and colors and are crafted and installed by nationally recognized designers and builders

Whether you are seeking a single space or a multiple-space family heritage lot, we offer both upright monument and lawn-level marker options in most sections.

Four-space and six-space lots are available for shared family memorials in designated locations. These lots enable you to memorialize family members on both sides of a single upright monument.

All grave spaces are designed to create a peaceful place of visitation, and we pledge to maintain their beauty forever. All future care is included in the price of each space.