Young adults with heart of service follow steps of Frassati

November 28, 2017

I did not have the chance to get to know Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (1901-1925) until I had the opportunity to be next to his body at World Youth Day in 2016 and read a book about his life.

Three things amazed me about this young blessed layman: that he was the patron of all the young adults (which happens to be my ministry), how his life mirrors one of an average young adult (loved sports, friends, laughter and a huge advocate for social justice), and his generosity in the service of the poor and the sick.

Blessed Frassati was named “The Man of the Eight Beatitudes” by St. John Paul II. Although he died at only 24 years of age he became the model of lay people all over the world. He had a normal life, had a hard time in college, loved to have fun and was a member of student social justice clubs.

The difference is that whenever he was not doing his main duties he was helping the people at the peripheries giving up his lunch, his jacket and his allowance to the people in need. To the surprise of his family, who did not know he was doing these acts of charity, thousands of people showed up at his funeral whom had been helped by Pier Giorgio during his short life.

Following Frassati’s steps and in the aftermath of Harvey, our fifth Archdiocesan Young Adult day on Saturday March 17, 2018 will focus on service and action. We will dedicate our day to prayer and work “Ora et Labora.” We will start our day with a Mass with our Auxiliary Bishop George A. Sheltz, have a small breakfast and then as early as 10 a.m. we will head to different locations to do charity work.

There will be all sorts of options where the young adults can serve. Just to mention a few options that we will be able to help at: warehouses with St. Vincent de Paul Society; a food fair with Catholic Charities; we will write letters and make care packages for youth and juvenile detention centers of Houston and pray for them as well outside the center; we will contribute with Project Gabriel; clean a convent and a parish; and even hold car washes to benefit families who were affected by Harvey.

We will also have an option on learning how to become a missionary disciple and recognize how we can continue serving and accompanying those in need after this day. In addition, over half of the registration for this event will go directly to the Archdiocesan Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.
If you are a young adult age 18 to 39 years old come and join us for this day of service, fellowship and Eucharist. Statistics show that 60 percent of Catholics in United States are young adults; please consider inviting a young adult that you know among your family, friends and work.

The morning Mass will take place at the auditorium at the St. Dominic Chancery in 2403 Holcombe Blvd. in Houston. It is only $25 per person. The registration fee includes a T-shirt and a small breakfast.

For more information please visit or call 713-741-8778.

This day is being organized by a group of multicultural young adults from all over the Archdiocese and we will be praying for the intercession of Pier Giorgio Frassati, patron of young adults, that we too may walk the path of the Beatitudes and follow the example of his generosity.

Gabriela Karaszewski is the director of the Archdiocesan Young Adults and Campus Ministry.