We are challenged to bear Jesus Christ’s image

January 28, 2014

HOUSTON — Since the early Christian communities were challenged by St. Paul to bear the image of Jesus Christ to the world through generous support of time, talent and treasure to the Church, each person is still called today to imitate Jesus who “though he was rich, became poor and emptied himself for our sakes.” 

This marks the theme for the Diocesan Services Fund 2014 (DSF), which begins the weekend of Feb. 1: “You will be enriched in every way for great generosity” (2 Cor. 9:11).

“DSF is a way for all of us to extend the love and enrichment that Christ has first of all given to us,” Daniel Cardinal DiNardo said. “It helps us to bear the image of Jesus Christ to the world and care for one another.”

The annual DSF video and brochure that thousands of Catholics throughout the Houston area will view this weekend demonstrate how donations given to the fund allow vital support to more than 60 ministries that provide for the spiritual and material needs of others. 

These ministries would not exist without the generosity of the faithful and the support of DSF, including the three ministries that are highlighted in the video and brochure this year.

“We need shepherds for preaching, for Sacraments, for guidance,” Cardinal DiNardo said. “And the Office of Vocations assists men and women in discerning God’s call to the priestly and religious life.” 

“Catholic Charities’ Adoption Services allows many couples to respond to God’s call in their lives to raise a family in love and hand on the truths of our faith,” Cardinal DiNardo said. 

“Transmitting the faith also requires a vigilant educational effort offered by the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis (formerly known as CCE), which seeks to ensure that all parishes have the most effective resources needed to help families and communities learn their faith well and witness to it in the world,” he explained.

In a letter to parishes in the Archdiocese, Cardinal DiNardo noted that all people are challenged by Holy Father, Pope Francis, who recently echoed St. Paul by reminding the faithful that “Christ leads us to go out from ourselves, to give ourselves and serve others.” 

One way to put these words into action is through DSF, which allows each person to personally help sustain the mission entrusted to the Church and provide opportunities for growth in Christian discipleship. “It is an opportunity for us to have a deeper relationship with Christ and be the face and hands of Jesus,” Cardinal DiNardo added. 

This year’s DSF goal is $13,390,330 and to increase participation of the faithful in our Archdiocese.