The six sides to living a spirituality of communion

November 10, 2015

HOUSTON — When learning a new task or skill we know that practice can “make perfect.”

The Expertise Task Group of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan wanted to help others practice living a spirituality of communion. Taking their cue from the Focolare Movement’s Cube of Love, the group, with permission from the Focolare Movement, developed the Spirituality of Communion Cube.

This new resource, available in English and Spanish, can be used by parishioners of all ages — within parishes and ministries, among families and at school — to help them make a commitment to live a spirituality of communion through Gospel messages and follow up discussion.

On each side of the cube is a brief message that focuses on a “commitment.” The six sides include:
• Love everyone
• Love your enemy
• See Jesus in others
• Share another’s hurt or joy
• Be the first to love
• Come together, pray together

The cube allows you to discuss and reflect on ways that particular Scriptures could be lived out and then intentionally look for opportunities to put the Gospel message into practice. 

“We created the cube to help further Daniel Cardinal DiNardo’s vision for the Archdiocese to ‘respond to the needs, hopes and dreams of the faithful in order to ensure the Archdiocese grows with the next generations,’” said Holly Barber-Gatlin, Expertise Task Group member. “The cube is a fun and interesting way for families and groups to discuss what a verse means to you, what experiences you’ve had that relate to that verse, and what you can do to make the verse part of your daily actions.”
The members of the Expertise Task Group hope the cube contributes to the three pathways Cardinal DiNardo intended to bridge the Archdiocese’s current reality to a desired future. 

Those pathways are:
• Nurture our faith
• Share our faith
• Live our faith

You can visit to download the cube along with instructions for using it. You are encouraged to copy the cube and its instructions for others.