The Cardinal’s Circle tour CROSS Academies, see fruits of Catholic education in Archdiocese

February 8, 2022

Principal Deborah Crowe introduces a Holy Ghost Students to the members of The Cardinal’s Circle during a tour of the school for National Catholic Schools Week. (Photo by Leslie Barrera/Office of Development)

HOUSTON — The conference room at Holy Ghost Catholic School was filled with colorful paper hearts created by the students to share the things in their lives for which they are most grateful.

“With Grateful Hearts” was the theme for The Catholic Schools Week School Tour for the members of The Cardinal’s Circle. Each year during National Catholic Schools Week, which begins the last week of January, members of The Cardinal’s Circle and prospective members are invited to tour the campuses of the eight CROSS Academies and see the great impact the funds given to the schools from The Cardinal’s Circle have had on the communities.

The Cardinal’s Circle’s mission is to help the CROSS Academies to maintain a standard of academic excellence in curriculum and staff. The organization provides the tuition assistance required by a large portion of the student population that attends these eight schools.

Through an annual contribution of $5,000 or more, members invest in students’ academic lives.

Founded in 2010 as a commitment to society and students in the Archdiocese’s urban areas, The Cardinal’s Circle celebrates a decade of providing this financial support to more than 16,000 students since its inception.

While visiting Holy Ghost Catholic School, the group was able to see the school’s reconstructed courtyard, which was just recently completed, being gratefully used for basketball and recess activities and were serenaded by the elementary and middle school choir. Joining in communicating their gratitude to The Cardinal’s Circle on behalf of the principals and pastors of the seven other campuses, Father Bill Bueche, CSsr, and Principal Deborah Crowe shared the many accomplishments their school community has had this academic year and offered their thanks to the group of school supporters.

In between sharing stories of the importance of parish and school collaboration and lightheartedly suggesting the next meeting feature karaoke, Father Bueche brought it all back to the true meaning of helping others.

“Because of your support and the contributions from The Cardinal’s Circle, our students are able to get an excellent education,” he said. “And for that, I offer my sincere, sincere thanks.

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