The Cardinal’s Circle invests in the future of Inner City Catholic Schools, communities

March 14, 2017

HOUSTON — Founded in 2010, the mission of The Cardinal’s Circle is to help Inner City Catholic Schools maintain a standard of academic excellence in curriculum and staff. The Cardinal’s Circle also assists these 13 schools to provide tuition assistance required by a large portion of their student population.

“A Catholic school education shapes our young people for the future — morally, spiritually and academically,” Daniel Cardinal DiNardo said. “Our support is of preeminent importance to carry out our mission, especially for the Inner City Catholic Schools.”

Members of The Cardinal’s Circle invest in the lives of Inner City Catholic Schools’ students through an annual commitment of $5,000. Contributions support the needs of each school from tuition assistance to investment in technology, curriculum and quality teachers.

“What sets apart our Inner City Catholic Schools is this continual formation of discipleship by building a deep and ever-present relationship with Christ,” said Dr. Julie Vogel, superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston “Through this formation, our students can transform the world, not just today but tomorrow and always. We are raising young men and women with the skills necessary to be critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and productive leaders in our communities for the greater good of society.”

The primary challenge for families interested in sending their children to Catholic schools is keeping tuition at affordable levels, according to Tom Macrini, one of the founding members of The Cardinal’s Circle.

“By keeping tuition affordable, the schools are able to increase enrollment and meet operational costs,” he said. “Also this frees up more funds for tuition assistance. The Cardinal’s Circle is one of the drivers in this process.”

For the last seven years, members of The Cardinal’s Circle have made a substantial difference in the capability of these schools to keep pace with the rapidly changing requirements for student information and learning. Besides helping deliver invaluable curriculum and technical support, The Cardinal’s Circle has helped provide ancillary funding to establish enrichment programs like Chess Club and Mathletics at Resurrection Catholic School, according to Felicia Nichols, principal.

“Knowing that individuals and institutions across the community are willing to offer support to us is extremely meaningful,” she said. “It affirms that we have values and we reinforce the longstanding reputation of Catholic educational institutions to provide an environment of excellence that supports the life of the Spirit, as well as the mind. The Cardinal’s Circle opens up that opportunity for many families.”

Macrini said Resurrection and the other Inner City Catholic Schools make an “incredible impact” on the lives of the youth and their families in many of Houston’s economically challenged areas.

“We need the help of the greater Archdiocesan community to sustain and strengthen the schools,” he said. “Joining the Cardinal’s Circle will have a lasting impact on the students, their families and their communities. It is an investment in their future and ours.”