Teen Talk: If you could ask Daniel Cardinal DiNardo one question, what would it be?

April 26, 2011

If you could ask Daniel Cardinal DiNardo one question, what would it be?

Leonardo Galvan, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Houston

“Music has been around since the earliest of civilization. It’s inspiring, creative, powerful and many other words that are probably not in my vocabulary. Regardless, music has had a profound impact on my life and to this day I see myself in the future doing only that. When I meet people, one of the first questions I ask is ‘What kind of music do you listen to?’ With that being said, I would ask Cardinal DiNardo what kind of music does he listen to and what emotions are stirred from that music.”

A. J. Motte III, St. Joseph, Baytown

“What feeling did you have when you received the call from the Nuncio to the United States announcing that the Pope named you as Cardinal-elect? I think the tradition of the Church, particularly its hierarchy, processes and ceremonies are fascinating. I am aware of some of the process but not the feeling and emotion of the person himself.”

Tomi Olubeko, St. Helen, Pearland

“I would ask Cardinal DiNardo about the responsibilities of being a Cardinal and how he is able to balance being the shepherd over 150 parishes and also his responsibilities beyond Galveston-Houston. I would like to know how much work it takes to keep the Archdiocese running smoothly. Seeing that Cardinal DiNardo is the head of the Archdiocese, I would like to better understand what he goes through on any particular day.” 

Photos courtesy of the Office of Youth Ministry