Teen Talk: How Families Can Be Witnesses to the World

November 27, 2018

How can your family be a witness to the world?

“My family has been incredibly blessed with the gift of a very strong and powerful faith. We have always prayed together at meal times at home and in public, and sometimes on the way to school. We recently started praying the Rosary together, which has brought us closer to each other. My family is also very involved in the Church on a parish and Archdiocesan level. It is such an amazing feeling to know that our family is doing something so wonderful!”

Avery L., Sts. Simon & Jude

“My family prays every day before I go to sleep and after I wake up. I go inside my grandma’s room and we just say what we are thankful for and a decade of the Rosary. My family is a witness by going out to feed the homeless, helping cut the grass of people who are low on funds, and bringing hope baskets to the sick.”

Jamen M., St. Martin de Porres

“It is a sacred thing to grow in the Catholic Faith. Your mother picking out the dress or suit you wear on your First Communion. Seeing your father lector in front of the church. When you grow up Catholic, you grow up serving God. However, growing up Catholic is deeper than Sundays! It means prayer before dinner, lighting a candle as a family, or praying the Rosary together. It’s all the little moments that we share under God’s holy presence that unites us deeper than any faith could.”

Katie H., Sacred Heart - Richmond

“I come from a family of eight. We pray together every Sunday morning, and we talk at our dining table. We give opportunities for the little ones to see how the faith works. Having a big family isn’t about how you will provide for the kids rather the family’s faith growing as God provides for them. It is a light to the world.”

Victor G., Notre Dame