Teen Talk (1)

February 8, 2011

About this feature: "Teen talk" is a series focusing on young people. In collaboration with the Office of Youth Ministry of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, four members of the Youth Ambassadors of Christ (the Archdiocesan Youth Council) are asked to answer one question. The answers offer a chance for these youth to highlight aspects of their own faith in their own words.

This week's question: "What is the most important lesson your family has taught you about God?"

Marie Brinkman, St. Anne (Tomball): [The] most important lesson my family has taught me about God? Three words: Do His Will. In all situations, at all times, do what God wants you to do. Sometimes this was hard growing up. Either I couldn't figure out what it was God wanted me to do or I thought it wouldn't be as fun as what I had planned. But my parents taught me that God has a plan better than anything I could dream up, so it's important to listen and obey Him in all things and in the end, doing His will would make me happier than anything else in the world.

Antonio Alvarado, St. Bernadette: The most important lesson my family has taught me about God is that He never leaves your side. No matter how far down sunk you feel if you just look deep into your heart you will find Him there by your side.

Sarah Lessmann, Incarnate Word Academy: 
Pray always in all ways. This phrase proves just how mighty God is, for we have so many different ways to pray to Him. It is great to know that we can pray to Him in several ways, especially based on how we are feeling at the time. We need to pray to Him always, everything we do should be for Him and in Him. †