Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word welcome Ethel Puno, CCVI

November 22, 2011

HOUSTON — Sister Ethel Puno, CCVI, made her Perpetual Profession of Vows as a Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word at Villa de Matel. Archbishop Emeritus Joseph A. Fiorenza was the presider at the Eucharistic celebration. Concelebrants were Father Tom Byrne, Father Hung Tran, Father Reuben Nwankwor, Father Binh Ta and Father Lawrence Jozwiak. 

Sister Lillian Anne Healy, congregational leader, received Sister Puno's vows. Sister Puno's ring, symbolizing a perpetual commitment to God, was one given to her by her mother many years ago. 

"My mother may not have been here to witness my perpetual profession, but I am consoled by the fact that something she gave me is the symbol of my lifetime commitment," she said. 

Born in the Philippines, Sister Puno said her desire to consider religious life as a vocation was cultivated during her growing years. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1991 with her younger sister and mother. She entered the Congregation on Aug. 17, 2003. 

"The day of my Perpetual Profession is one I will long remember and treasure," Sister Puno said. "The outpouring of care and support before, during and after my profession by the Sisters, the CCVI associates and staff, my family and friends was truly encouraging and a great blessing."
She added, "It was a very special time for all of us because, in a way, we were all saying ‘yes' to God: the Congregation's ‘yes' in accepting me as a member and my family's and friends' ‘Yes' in giving their support throughout my journey are united with my own response to commit my life to God." †