‘Pattern of Hope’ celebrates, helps Catholic schools

December 13, 2022

(Left to right) Superintendent of Catholic Schools Dr. Debra Haney, emcees Chris Stipes and Elissa Rivas keynote speaker Katie Prejean McGrady and Galveston-Houston Auxiliary Bishop Italo Dell’Oro, CRS, attend the ‘Pattern of Hope’ luncheon on Dec. 2 at the Junior League of Houston. (Photo courtesy of Up in the Air Films, LLC)

HOUSTON — Since the beginning of Catholic education in the Archdiocese, well over a century ago, Catholic schools in the greater Houston area have kept at the heart of their mission the importance of providing a quality, faith-based education and keeping it accessible, affordable and available to all who seek it.

Held at the Junior League of Houston on Dec. 2, the “A Pattern of Hope” Luncheon benefiting Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese, Superintendent Dr. Debra Haney and Auxiliary Bishop Italo Dell’Oro, CRS, celebrated the education of mind, heart and spirit at Catholic schools.

Katie Prejean McGrady, an award-winning author, international speaker, podcaster and host of “The Katie McGrady Show,” a daily radio program on The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM 129, was the event’s keynote speaker.

The luncheon, which raised funds to support educational technology and tuition assistance in Catholic grade schools, highlights the pattern of positive change that comes from a Catholic education. A transformative education has become a pattern associated with Catholic schools as much as the patterned plaid found on Catholic school uniforms.

During her keynote, McGrady recalled her own experience as a student in Catholic schools, where a teacher and a deacon helped shaped her education with guidance and help.

“We’re so concerned about ... how am I going to impact the world — and sometimes our impact is by giving people the opportunity to do precisely what they’re called to do,” she said. Catholic Schools are places where impacts can be invested “in the transformation of people’s hearts, minds, and souls and there’s truly nothing better.”

She continued, “As a product of Catholic education, as an educator who spent time in a Catholic school, as the mom who writes the tuition check every month and rejoices when it hits my bank account because I know it’s going to precisely the thing that my child needs, I thank you because this has an eternal effect.”

“A Pattern of Hope” event emcees Elissa Rivas, KTRK ABC-13, and Chris Stipes, director of media relations for the University of Houston, shared what the Catholic school experience has meant to their own family.

Haney and the staff of the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Office welcomed attendees and to share the good news in Catholic education. Dr. Haney said, “I am so grateful for the many people that have supported ‘A Pattern of Hope’ for our Catholic schools. It is a beautiful event that brings together the heart of what our Catholic schools are all about — the collaboration of parents, students and educators working together to support the mission of Catholic education, bringing souls to heaven and preparing them for college and careers.”

For more information on ‘A Pattern of Hope’ or to make an end-of-year gift in support of Catholic schools, visit: ChooseCatholicSchools.org/give.