Live the Gospel by loving one another

April 22, 2014

HOUSTON — As Bishop Michael Mulvey of the Diocese of Corpus Christi drove to the University of St. Thomas on April 8, he recalled the wonderful childhood memories he had visiting his grandparent’s home on Kipling Street. 

A native Houstonian, Bishop Mulvey spent a fair amount of time in and around the neighborhood surrounding the university.

Presented by the Focolare Movement, the bishop gave a talk on “Living a Spirituality of Communion — in the Thought and Experience of the Focolare Movement.” 

The bishop has been a member of the Focolare Movement since 1976 and throughout his ministry he has always recognized how living the spirituality of communion can deepen one’s relationship with God and each other. 

Bishop Mulvey praised the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston for designating Living a Spirituality of Communion as its first objective in the pastoral plan. 

During his talk, the bishop reflected on his own experiences of spirituality of communion and why it is vitally important that the faithful respond to God’s plan and fill the world’s yearning for love.

“Love. Love. Love,” Bishop Mulvey said. Just as the Gospel of John tells us that “God is love,” Bishop Mulvey expanded on the immense love God has for us and His desire for us to live a committed life of love with our brothers and sisters. 

“Living a Spirituality of Communion is the way that results in the most unity,” he added.

Bishop Mulvey expressed how traits such as individualism, jealousy, judgment, competition and distrust are eroding human nature, disintegrating the whole and weakening people at home and at church. 

Love cannot be fulfilled within ourselves, he said, nor can we fulfill the Gospel by ourselves. 

The bishop further explained that spirituality of communion isn’t a program or plan. People each have talents to be given and shared. 
Bishop Mulvey said that by giving away what people have and who people are, it creates harmony and a way of living the Gospel that is expressed by loving one another.

“Love is central to the spirituality of communion,” said Eileen Borski, parish administrator at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe. “The Bishop helped me recognize that the focus of our love should be on the person God sends to us in each moment of every day. We should also trust that if we have love flowing out of us that it will eventually be returned.”

So if living a spirituality of communion isn’t a program or plan, how do people live it? How do people make room for our brothers and sisters in everything they do every day? 

Bishop Mulvey said, “Talk, listen and see Jesus in each other.” He added the following suggestions:
• Agree in the beauty of communion and love one another.
• Live the Word together. Share spiritual experiences.
• Help the other person.
• Help each other grow in holiness and provide the truth, if needed.