‘Human Dignity at the End of Life’

January 31, 2012

SAN ANTONIO — “Human Dignity at the End of Life” is the theme for this year’s Converging Roads Conference of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, jointly sponsored by Assumption Seminary, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System and HLI America. The event, scheduled for March 23-24, will feature talks by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of San Antonio, Dr. Janet Smith and other distinguished speakers.

Converging Roads is an educational initiative that integrates bioethics, health care and Catholic teaching. The conference is specifically designed for health care professionals, catechists, educators, pastoral ministers and clergy. These events are comprehensive and pastoral in nature.

Participants will be better prepared to care for persons at the end of life by recognizing their dignity as persons; understanding their unique spiritual, emotional, physical, and legal needs as patients; examining and responding to ethical issues in their treatment; and becoming aware of resources which can offer comfort.

For information and to register, go online at www.ConvergingRoads.com or call Assumption Seminary at 210-734-5137.