Hailing a (Yellow) Cab …

February 8, 2011

HOUSTON — The news about the sixth annual Steps for Students 5K race is traveling faster than ever before…on the backs of Yellow Cabs. Yellow Cab and Taxis Fiesta are the presenting sponsors of the Feb. 19th race. Approximately 100 cabs started advertising for the Steps for Students race in mid-January. Each cab averages about 200 miles a day. 

"Yellow Cab is the perfect vehicle to drive the Steps for Students message all over town," said Mike Spears, Marketing Director for Yellow Cab. "Since Yellow Cab's business is heavily concentrated in the urban and inner-city areas, Yellow Cab feels that it makes a huge impact not only to Catholic education, but also to the community as a whole."

So far, the campaign has been an overwhelming success, with the committee reaching and exceeding many of its goals.

This year, Yellow Cab's President and CEO Roman Martinez, along with his wife Diana Davila Martinez — both devoted Catholics and long-time supporters of education — are the committee chairs organizing Steps for Students.

As a direct byproduct of receiving his education through Catholic schools, Roman Martinez wants to make sure that young Catholics today have the same opportunities that he had while growing up in the Catholic education system.

"There are so many bright minds in our community, but some of them never get to shine because they can't afford access to the same facilities and resources that many of our kids have," he said. "My two sons attend The Regis School, so I am not only supporting Catholic education but I feel that I am making a direct investment in their future."

"Any little bit that Yellow Cab can do makes it all worthwhile and ultimately benefits the entire community in the long run," Martinez said. †