Concert for Life set for Aug. 11

July 12, 2016

HOUSTON — On Thursday, Aug. 11, the fourth annual Concert for Life will be held at The House of Blues at 7:30 p.m. The concert is sponsored by and will benefit Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Houston and features original music by fifth-year seminarian David Michael Moses. 

The concert is free thanks to generous underwriters who will donate money for each person who attends, supporting babies and mothers in need.

Moses, 22, writes music about life and faith across a variety of popular music styles. Martha Richardson, a nurse at Memorial Herman Hospital, said, “David Michael’s music embodies everything I believe. The tunes are catchy, the lyrics are honest, and watching him perform gives me hope for the future.” 

He has performed at the University of Houston, the University of Dallas, the March of the Surviving Youth and won Music2Change’s Battle of the Bands. His first three Concerts for Life were able to raise nearly $175,000 collectively and last year’s drew a crowd of almost 1,000 people. 

When asked about her experience of the event, Sylvia Johnson, CEO of Houston Pregnancy Help Center, said, “David Michael Moses is a brilliant musician and a pro-life hero. His generosity in using his gift to help women to become empowered to continue their pregnancy is indeed, extraordinary.” 

In previous years, the concert has benefited a broad group of Houston’s pregnancy support and pro-life groups: Downtown Pregnancy Help Center; Fifth Ward Pregnancy Help Center, Houston Coalition for Life, Pregnancy & Parenting Support Center (Texas City); Life House Houston; Catholic Organization of Life; Texas Right to Life; Beltway 8 South Crisis Pregnancy Center; Gulfton Satellite-Bridge to Life; Foundation for Life; Anchor Point and Hispanics of Texas for Life. 

Christine Melchior, executive director for Houston Coalition for Life, said, “We are all looking forward to celebrating with the other pro-life groups in the Houston area. It’s so important for us to get together to celebrate life and have fun. I’m grateful that this concert will give us the opportunity to do that.” 

To hear Moses’s music, visit or call Sylvia Johnson at 713-899-1739.