An invitation to ‘holy happiness’

September 27, 2011

HOUSTON — Kick off the 33rd annual Festa Italiana with Trio Napolincanto’s “Holy Happiness,” a concert of traditional Italian music and storytelling from Naples, Italy. The concert will be held the evening before Festa Italiana at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 13 in the University of St. Thomas Jones Hall. 

The award-winning Trio Napolincanto music rediscovers the beauty and the universal message of Neapolitan songs through a form of theater involving song and storytelling. The Trio highlights the story of a great people, the longing for the infinite and the appreciation for what is truly human. Musicians include Gianni Aversano of Naples, Italy, founder of Trio Napolincanto, singer, guitarist and songwriter; Domenico De Luca of Naples, composer and guitarist; Ferdinando Piscopo of Naples, composer and mandolinist.

In 2004 the Trio took part in the celebrations for Carl Orff in Germany and held a private concert for then-Cardinal Ratzinger, who at the end said, “thank you for making me know Naples beyond all the abstract sociological theories.” In 2005 they received the Histonium award for its contribution to the rediscovery of the beauty and universal message of Neapolitan songs.

An English introduction and translation of excerpts of the songs will be followed by the theatrical performance.

The event is hosted in collaboration with the University of St. Thomas, the Italian Cultural & Community Center and Crossroads Cultural Center-Houston. Italian refreshments will be provided by Festa Italiana after the concert. 

For more information, contact the Crossroads Cultural Center at 713-823-2263. †