‘A Pattern of Hope’ program builds hope for Catholic schools

March 9, 2021

“A Pattern of Hope” was hosted by Archdiocesan School Council President Father Clint Ressler, pastor of St. Mary of the Miraculous Medal Catholic Church in Texas City. (Photo courtesy of the Catholic Schools Office)

HOUSTON — “A Pattern of Hope,” a virtual event benefiting Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese, is still available.

Held live on Feb. 5, the presentation is viewable on-demand on the Catholic Schools Office website ChooseCatholicSchools.org/HOPE until April 1.

The digital program invites viewers to see some of the inspired work being done in Catholic schools despite the limitations of an academic year marked by a global pandemic.
“A Pattern of Hope,” hosted by Father Clint Ressler, archdiocesan school council president, showcased the academic curriculum in Archdiocesan schools, Catholic identity elements, and the arts and extracurricular activities of Catholic schools’ daily life. Featuring interviews with principals, pastors and friends of education, the program takes a close-up view on what makes Catholic school communities unique and why families choose them for their children’s education.

Laura Halbardier, principal of St. Mary Catholic School in League City, said, “Every day in our Catholic schools I see math and reading being done. I see science in our schools, but I also see God.”

The virtual event was created to allow viewers to see the exceptional education students receive at Catholic schools. It also provides an opportunity to join in supporting Archdiocesan schools through making a donation that supports two of the most pressing needs this academic year.

The need for emergency tuition assistance, for families suffering from job loss or economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and educational technology updates that make learning possible in traditional and virtual classrooms has been keenly felt this school year and continues to be a reality. By making a gift to “A Pattern of Hope,” viewers are able to show their support of Catholic schools and provide assistance that will help keep a quality Catholic education a reality in the lives of so many students.

According to Superintendent Debra Haney, “A Pattern of Hope” is a new event that “brings our Catholic schools into the virtual fundraising world with solidarity and a message of hope because it allows us to share the amazing things happening in our schools with the entire world.”

The Catholic Schools Office staff provided a rich narrative of their work with the schools in the program, including the addition of S.T.R.E.A.M. Synergy schools. “A Pattern of Hope” was chosen as the inaugural virtual event for Catholic schools as it allowed for a perfect culmination at the end of National Catholic Schools Week.

“‘A Pattern of Hope’ also allows us a unique opportunity to fundraise for all of our Catholic schools through one online venue, which is a historic event since it has never been done before by the Archdiocese,” Haney said. “‘A Pattern of Hope’ gives us hope for Catholic education in our Archdiocese.”