A look into ‘IGNITE: Our Faith, Our Mission’ Capital Campaign for the Archdiocese

July 19, 2017

Construction on a HVAC modifications project continues at St. Mary's Seminary, which is one of the four major benefiting elements of the “IGNITE: Our Faith, Our Mission” Capital Campaign for the Archdiocese. Photo by Jonah Dycus/Herald.

HOUSTON — In an effort to meet the needs of our growing Archdiocese, a planning study was conducted to identify the Church’s present day challenges of meeting the needs of St. Mary’s Seminary, as well as our Catholic Schools and Faith Formation — now and into the future.

As a result, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo initiated a major capital campaign fittingly titled, “IGNITE: Our Faith, Our Mission” to raise $150 million.

The IGNITE campaign has four major elements: Individual Parish Needs, Faith Formation, Catholic School Education and St. Mary’s Seminary.

Q: How will my parish benefit from this campaign?
A: We are the people, parishes, and schools that make up the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, and we should be committed to sustaining and growing the ministries and spirituality of the faithful both now and in the future.

With this in mind, the intention is for every case element in this campaign to benefit everyone in our Archdiocese:

1. By returning 33 percent of the monies raised back to the parishes for their own needs, we hope that our local churches will be able to address projects that can make an immediate impact on parish life.

2. By providing funds to update and improve St. Mary’s Seminary, we will ensure that we are providing the best possible environment for the forming of our future priests and deacons. Having clean and modern facilities will help us remain an attractive option for local vocations, and also make us more competitive in attracting seminarians from outside of our Archdiocese. Improving the overall quality of our Seminary will continue our mission of providing our parishes with leaders equipped to serve the spiritual needs of God’s people.

3. Many parishes are blessed with strong Faith Formation programs, while others lack the proper funding to fully minister to their people. This aspect of the campaign aims to strengthen existing Faith Formation programs and provide new leaders to parishes in need by making funds available for continuing education, certification, degrees and also for shared leaders amongst parishes.

4. One of the best ways to help our Catholic Schools succeed in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is by helping to fill them with students. By nearly doubling the funding of the existing tuition assistance endowments, the campaign will provide greater opportunities for students throughout our Archdiocese to attend our Catholic schools.

For more information about IGNITE:
Web: www.archgh.org/ignite
Phone: 713-652-4480 or 713-652-4489
Email: gig@archgh.org