Submissions & Deadline Dates

For TCH story ideas, photos or calendar items

TCH Deadlines

Our 2024 deadlines for submitting news and Around the Archdiocese events to the Texas Catholic Herald are listed below. 

  • The editorial deadline is no later than Tuesday at noon, 21 days (three weeks) prior to the issue date.
  • The paid advertising deadline is Tuesday at noon, 14 days (two weeks) prior to the issue date.

    For example, for a Jan. 31 issue, the editorial deadline is Jan. 10 at noon and the paid advertising deadline is Jan. 17 at noon.
  • Due to limited space in the newspaper and other factors, we cannot guarantee publication of any submission to the newspaper. We work to include a diverse group of faith communities. Current circulation is 72,000 households. The newspaper is mailed to subscribers. 
2024 Editorial Deadline
(Tuesdays at Noon)
2024 Publication Date
December 19, 2023 January 9, 2024
January 2 January 23
January 23 February 13
February 6 February 27
(Lent Issue)
February 20 March 12
March 5 March 26
March 19 April 9
(Easter Issue)
April 2 April 23
April 16 May 14
May 7 May 28
May 21 June 11
June 18 July 9
July 23 August 13
(Back to School)
August 20 September 10
September 3 September 24
September 17 October 8
October 1 October 22
October 22 November 12
November 5 November 26
(Advent Issue)
November 19 December 10
December 3 December 24
(Christmas Issue)


For more information, email the Texas Catholic Herald Managing Editor Rebecca Torrellas or call 713-652-8215. 

How to submit news and stories to the Texas Catholic Herald

Proclaiming the Good News to the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is our mission. However, since our small staff cannot attend every single event or cover all of the news in the Archdiocese, we rely on you in the community to be our eyes and ears.

To make this easier on everyone — and to help us create even better stories and mentions — please use these tips as your handy guide for submitting stories and news ideas. Note: We cannot acknowledge each submission.


Please include the following information when submitting stories and information for possible inclusion in the TCH:

1. Who
2. What
3. When
4. Where
5. Why
6. How
7. And photos, photos, photos

Whether your story is about an event or a person, place, group or some other thing, we need the basic details. Use full names and proper titles (please avoid nicknames or shortened names and titles), as well as specific dates, street addresses, phone numbers and any other important details.


The Texas Catholic Herald is always seeking photos from parishes and ministries around the Archdiocese. We accept photo submissions for the Texas Catholic Herald via OneDrive. For print and social media consideration, digital photos should be high resolution and at least 150dpi. 

For captions, identify people in the photo by name (from left to right: L-R) and include information about what is going on in the image, as well as to whom we should attribute the photo. For example: (Photo by John Doe, Photo by Father John Doe, Photo courtesy of St. Pius X Catholic School)


Contact the Herald at least five to seven weeks before your event if you'd like for us to consider staff coverage. Also, send your post-coverage (after the event) information, stories and photos as soon as possible, so that we can consider it for an upcoming issue. Editorial deadlines are always three weeks ahead of an issue date.

While everything submitted can't always be printed, the Herald works to offer a fair mixture of what is submitted week to week based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) news value, timeliness, how often or how recently a group is featured and the quality of submitted photos. We regularly include submitted items on featured online content. 

Don't forget to include a name, phone number and e-mail address for any follow up. 


We accept media (photos/videos) submissions for the Texas Catholic Herald via OneDrive. 


Around the Archdiocese - Event Submissions

Note: Priority is given to parish-based and parish-hosted ministries, groups, religious orders and organizations found in the Archdiocesan Directory. Due to space and other factors, we cannot guarantee placement or frequency in Around the Archdiocese but we will do our best to get your event into the section.

  • Deadlines: Submissions must be received by 12 p.m., at least three weeks (21 days) prior to the publication date. Click here for deadlines. Due to increased total number of submissions, we are unable to acknowledge each submission.
  • To submit a flier, click here.

Include the following information in your e-mail:

  1. The name of your event (for example, "Chili Cook-off Scholarship Fundraiser")
  2. Date, time, location (with full address) of your event
  3. A brief description of your event (see example below)
  4. The name of your organization (if applicable)
  5. If the event is for charity, include the benefiting group or organization
  6. Include the cost for tickets or note that it's free
  7. Name, phone and/or e-mail address of the contact person that you want readers to call/e-mail with questions (do not include personal contact info that you do not want released to the public)
  8. Web site address for your organization (if you have one)
  9. Name, phone and e-mail address of the lead contact person, to verify info

Due to space, abbreviated listings (example below) are published in the paper. Longer entries may be published online.

March 3
TALK BY SISTER HELEN PREJEAN, 6 p.m. at Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Cathedral Centre Cameron Hall (1701 San Jacinto St., Houston). Nationally-recognized opponent of the death penalty and author of "Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States," Sister Helen Prejean will speak to the community. Free, open to the public. 713-000-0000;

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