Immigrants at the border: how to help

July 2, 2018

Many people of goodwill are trying to assist people who are approaching our border with Mexico, families who are fleeing violence and seeking a better life for their children.

Here are six ways you can help:

1. Call your legislators—your representatives in Congress, your Senators and the White House—and express your opinions. You can find their contact info easily here. You can also use Catholic Charities USA's form, which provides language urging our representatives to reform our broken immigration system.

2. Inform yourself with facts. The misinformation about migrants and refugees is often driven by racism and fear. Listen to the stories of migrants and refugees, and encounter them as individuals. The following websites provide factual information on the issues facing people on the move and the Church's work with them:

3. Help organizations who are helping the migrants now, including:

4. Open your home to a refugee youth. The USCCB offers a list of foster parent programs affiliated with them.

5. Advocate for migrants with friends, family and publicly. They need advocates. The voiceless need your voices.

6. Pray for them!