DSF 2011 - "He who hears you, hears me."

March 7, 2011

In the Gospel of St. Luke, in the middle of His journey to Jerusalem, Jesus Christ asks his apostles and disciples to walk with Him. He sends them ahead to be his emissaries: to prepare the way for His presence. We are all emissaries of Christ. I look upon DSF as a way for the Catholic community to come together and make his words and deeds vivid and active among us. When we demonstrate love, kindness and compassion, we allow others to experience the teachings of Christ … to hear his voice. I ask you to commit to the support of the ministries and services of the Archdiocese with a generous pledge to the 2011 Diocesan Services Fund.

Through the many programs supported by the DSF "we mean what we say." Through Continuing Christian Education, we gain a deeper understanding of Christ. Through the initiatives of the Office of Vocations, we help foster new shepherds for our church. Through the Office of Aging, we encourage seniors in their parish ministries. Through the Catholic Schools Office, we maintain standards of excellence in our Catholic schools.

Each year, thousands of teenagers throughout our Archdiocese attend the Annual Youth Conference. I am pleased that more and more youngsters are eager to attend this conference where they experience a renewal of their faith. Many report how wonderful it is to be in contact with other youth who feel as they do about God.

Catholic Charities receives DSF funding every year to help individuals and families in need. The enclosed brochure illustrates how its adoption services made it possible for an older child to find a love-filled home. Not only did Catholic Charities help them with the adoption process, but their trained professionals prepared them emotionally and spiritually for parenting an adopted child.

Even if you do not have time to be involved in ministry work, through the DSF you can be a good steward to thousands of people in the Archdiocese. Your love and generosity will be "heard" and felt by others through the more than 60 programs that comprise the Diocesan Services Fund.

I wish to express to you, my deepest gratitude for your support of the ministries of the Archdiocese thus assuring that Christ is heard through the actions of all of us. With Christ's blessings, I remain

Your faithful shepherd,
Daniel Cardinal DiNardo