Access to Sonogram Bill

April 18, 2011

The Texas Senate State Affairs Committee passed CSHB 15, a committee substitute of HB 15, and that is now on the Senate Intent Calendar. CSHB 15 is a compromise bill supported by the Texas Catholic Conference. CSHB 15 will ensure that the 24 hour waiting period covers 93% of the abortions that take place in Texas. The Catholic Conference has acknowledged the hard work of many in the House and Senate to reach an agreement on these principles and allow the bill to move forward.

Last week, several Texas Catholic Bishops came to the Capitol for Catholic Faith in Action Advocacy Day and met personally with a number of members of the House and Senate to express their support of the compromise. The efforts of Advocacy Day participants were critical to the movement on this bill.

The Texas Catholic Conference suggests contacting your Texas Senator to ask for his or her support for the bill with this message:

“Hello, my name is _____ and I am a Catholic in ______, Texas. I am calling to ask that you support CSHB 15. This bill would require a physician to review a woman's ultrasound with her prior to her having an abortion. The woman is not required to view the ultrasound. I support this bill because it provides the mother with more information about her unborn child and may help the mother realize the humanity of her unborn child and choose life. For more information you can contact the Texas Catholic Conference at 512-339-9882. Thank you for your time." Please act by April 20, 2011.

Click here to find out who is your Texas Senator and how to contact him or her.