July 24, 2017

Daniel Cardinal DiNardo statement on human trafficking deaths in San Antonio

With a heavy heart, I offer my condolences to the victims discovered this past weekend in San Antonio. As Archbishop Garcia-Siller expressed, there are no words to convey the sadness and despair involved with such an incomprehensible tragedy. My prayers are with the families of the deceased and for those injured in this horrific incident. May God have mercy on all victims of human trafficking; let us pray for an end to this most horrific crime against humanity.

April 25, 2017

A Shepherd's Message - April 25, 2017

The Easter Season is a time when the sacramental life of the Church is most intense.

April 11, 2017

A Shepherd's Message - April 11, 2017

Holy Week, especially the Triduum of days from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday, is the pivot of grace every year. It is the space where the Holy Spirit leads us, the Church, to see ‘anew’ the Crucified Jesus and be renewed in heart and mind.

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