Spirituality of Communion

“Before we do any planning before we do any calculations, we need to understand that the Church is, first of all, a communion. A body that lives in unity in Jesus Christ.”
—St. John Paul II

Saint John Paul II presented the concept of “spirituality of communion” in 2001 as the basis for the Catholic Church’s pastoral planning. This phrase became the guidepost for our Archdiocesan Pastoral Council in 2012 to assist pastors and parish councils to:

  • Find ways and means to enhance Church communities;
  • Help their faithful collaborate and cooperate with other parishes; and
  • Become more effective evangelizers of God’s good news.

Pope Francis has often stated that the Church’s mission should “foster in all the faithful a sense of personal responsibility”. When Saint Katherine Drexel met with Pope Leo XIII on the needs of her mission, Pope Leo pointedly asked her, ‘What about you? What are you going to do?’ This is a great reminder that all of us, through our baptism, are accountable to act on our Lord’s call to spread the joy of the Gospel. Parishioners have a greater sense of collaboration and shared responsibility through more meaningful engagement. A pastoral plan created in a spirituality of communion is the way that results in the most unity, and a devoted life of love with our sisters and brothers. What about you?


You may find useful this Spirituality of Communion one-pager, do discuss in your next pastoral council meeting.

Please check the essence of Spirituality of Communion, described by Saint John Paul II. [NMI, 43]

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